I know i'm a little late.. but for Easter we exchanged baskets. Kevin bought me super cute flowers & a hello kitty egg dying kit!! :) haha he knows me so well. & I bought him a gift card to Farr's! Ice cream! yum!

For Easter we also made crepes for the first time! They were SO delicious & SO easy. If you want the recipe i'll totally share! :)

Here's us on Easter.. We had a cute Easter dinner at my mommy's house! It was delicious!
We also got to watch this little cutie. :)
Everytime we watch my cousin's cute girls Kevin & I just get super baby hungry. :) Her girls are so stinkin cute! I love babysitting them. We always make the best crafts, cuddle & watch care bears.. what is not to love about this life?? :) haha in a few years.. But for the time i'll keep being baby hungry. Nikki also decided this time she really loved Kevin.. so I caught a little picture of them eating lunch together. Such a tender moment. I love how amazing he is with kids & babies! So cute. 

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