Last night we went & saw my favorite band ever, Margot & the Nuclear so and so's. It was amazing. Seriously the best night ever.

At work yesterday I got a promotion. I'm no longer over the hobbies department (holy heavens YES!!!!) hahaha as much as I LOVE rockets & model cars.. I'm SO glad to be in charge of the Cards & Party (Cake.. Party stuff..) section now! So much more up my alley!

So because of the BIG news we decided to celebrate & go to JCW's. MMM. So good. & then headed to the concert.
At the venue they had this amazing photobooth!! I've seriously told Kevin since we started dating that we HAD to get a photostrip together! So finally! & yes.. the first picture is pretty amazing. hahaha we were unaware of the picture. Still hilarious!


  1. Yay! I'm so happy about your job! You deserve it. =) The photostrip is so cute! John and I still need to get one someday. :) I'm glad you had such a fun time together! :D

  2. Thank you & thank you!! :)