Weekend Fun!

I swear the moment Summer starts our lives get really hectic.. it's just too much fun & there's too much to do! 

Starting with Moving! I swear we always move right when summer hits! It's crazy! But also this move has been the best so far. I'll post pictures of our cute place once it's all decorated :) 

This weekend we had so much fun stuff to go do! 

We started off by going to see one of my favorite bands Thrice.  Amazing concert. I always thought going to concerts would be lame once I was married.. but going with my husband & not having to worry about drunk dudes hitting on me made it just that much better! We might be a little rusty on the concerts though.. our ears were ringing for a few days. Gotta brush up I guess..

Then the next day we hit up Seven Peaks before I had to go to work, lucky Kevin had the day off! It was so packed, but so much fun! It was nice to lay out & relax.. but then sucked to have to work the rest of the night. 
Saturday we went to the NPS store with my mom.. if you've never gone there you seriously should. They basically sell stuff that other stores can't.. whether it's expired or damaged or they just weren't selling. We bought a little too much.. hahah got a few presents. & a few groceries. It's like almost as addicting as the D.I. is to me. Not so much for Kevin.. haha but me & my mommy had a blast! We also went to a wedding (since it's that time now! we have one like every other weekend now!

Today we got to take a little roadtrip to Spring City for my friend Chani (& Trent)'s wedding! I'd never heard of Spring City.. turns out it's an really cute small town! They got married in the most gorgeous barn ever!! So happy for them! 
Anyways here's us on the drive. 

& outside by a pretty tree.

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