2012 in review.

January: We rang in the new year! 

February: Kevin turned 22 & we watched the superbowl! Duh! Oh & Valentines day! Kevin made the most romantic dinner, he's such a keeper! 

March: Megan turned 22! 

April & May: We made crepes for the first time, forgot about Easter & went on many picnics! Megan got a promotion at work! 

June: We moved out of our 3rd story apartment into our amazing duplex apartment! (I have zero pictures of our cute place.. but here's a picture of our cute faces?)

July: We barbecued & went swimming everyday! & went to the zoo!

August: We made it through our first year of marriage! & celebrated with a weekend in Park City!

September: We went to Lagoon!

October: We dressed up as Ninja Turtle & Cupcake! & raked leaves for the first time ever together.

November: We had our own Thanksgiving! & didn't burn our house down!

December: We threw many Christmas parties, didn't take a single picture at one. & celebrated Christmas Eve our style, sweet & simple. 

Looking forward to the adventures 2013 brings! 


  1. This was a cute post. I loved seeing all of the pictures from the year.

  2. I love this post (if you couldn't tell... lol). What a fun year you two have had. :) I'm looking forward to this year's coming posts. ^_^