One crazy week!

It sure has been a crazy couple of weeks!
Kevin started his new internship & LOVES it!
He ALSO started school (because starting a new job isn't stressful enough..) & is having fun juggling the two together.
On top of all this craziness I got promoted (well sort of, just moved to a new department but a more stressful one!) & it's perfect for me! I get to decorate all day long! It's so great! A little stressful at times because it's such a huge department but it's great!
Last night we celebrated my mom's birthday with some games & peach cobbler, a nice relaxing event.

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  1. How exciting for you guys! Some good changes, though stressful. =) Working and going to school must be so tricky to work out, and I really admire people that can do that. :) You guys are awesome. <3