my best friend.

Sometimes i get so caught up in everything that is happening, that I don't feel I take the time to think about the life I have & how great it really is.
That is until I ....paint my nails.
Then I have all the time in the world cause i'm waiting for those suckers to dry.....forever.

That's when I think about my cute husband & how lucky I am to have found him & the love that we share.
I just feel like he is the ultimate catch, he is such a hardworker, he always tries to "fix" everything including me (cramps), & he never even complains (seriously..never).  He has the most patience of anyone I know, he paints my nails, braids my hair, fixes me food when i'm too famished to even speak (yes, I am a baby) all the while going to school full time & working full time plus his ridiculous homework assignments.

He is the best friend/husband I could ever ask for. & he's Ryan Gosling's stunt double. So double catch.


  1. I love this post. <3 I think Kevin and Johnny would get along very well because they are a lot alike. ;) I'm really glad you have each other. :)