Florida vacation!

We finally decided to splurge & go on a vacation. Florida seemed like a good fit.. little did we know it would rain almost the entire time, but we still managed to have a great time.  We went with my sister & her boyfriend.  The first day we were there the weather was perfect! We hit up Melbourne beach & swam in the ocean.  It was SO windy but lots of fun. 

The second day we were there we went to Island of Adventures (Universal theme park) & had wayy too much fun! Harry Potter was easily my favorite part of the entire park.  It had so much detail, and the castle ride was such a blast, even just standing in line was amazing with all the fun stuff to look at! We had butter beer & ate at the 3 witches broomstick restaurant. So much fun! 

The third day we attempted to go to Universal Studios.. well we went for a few hours but got SOAKED. So we left & had a shopping spree instead!  Later that night we got drinks & sushi. So delicious. 

The next day it was still gloomy & rainy outside so Kevin & I decided to go to The Central Florida Zoo instead but came prepared with an umbrella this time!  This zoo was one of my favorite parts of the entire trip.  It was a huge rainforest with animals along the way, we saw tons of unique animals and since it was raining they were all outside soakin it up so we didn't miss any of them! We were so close to all of the animals, an Emu tried to bite us at the end.  If you are ever in Florida you definitely should go to this zoo!

Of course the last day we were there it decides to be 90's & sunny.. so we swam in the hotel pool for a few hours, got our tan on & went to the airport! 

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