Norwex Post.

A month ago I went to my aunt's fabulous Norwex party just to go & see why she loved these "cloths" so much.. watched the lady do a few demos & instantly was hooked.  I still think it is incredible that a microfiber cloth can clean so much without chemicals.  I've always loved microfiber cloths anyways, when I cleaned houses (awful job by the way!) was the first time I'd used them, they are seriously the best invention. But an even better invention..was the Norwex microfiber cloths (cheesy..but totally true).

So anyways, at the party I decided I would try the body cloth first & then move on to all the cleaning cloths because I've had huge problems with acne & was pretty much desperate to try this.

I've been using the Norwex body cloth for a little over 3 weeks & will never use anything else to wash my face again.  All you use is the cloth & water.  You just get the cloth wet, wipe off your face, maybe scrub a little harder on the "zitty" areas than the rest of your face.. & watch your face clear up.  It worked for me. It worked for Kevin (although he wouldn't let me take before/after picture..).  You don't get water all over the bathroom, you can stop buying facial wash, and it is EASY.  I hate washing my face & this literally takes me 20 seconds.
Before & After. 
Not the best before & after.. I should've moved my bangs in the before to show you the real mess. But you can see in the after that my forehead is actually clear.  It's crazy! 

To learn more about Norwex products: 
& if you are interested in ordering products but can't make it to my fabulous party let me know because you can order online! 

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  1. I would want to try these! I have sensitive skin, so some of the facial cleansers I try make my skin worse. x.x Also, better cleaning stuff for the house is always a plus. :)