New home, new baby.

We've been in our new house a little over a week now & absolutely love it!  Having a garage rocks, a walk in pantry is a dream (yes, it's already been unpacked & completely organized!) & this more than one bathroom thing is amazing!  Pictures to come as soon as things are hung on the walls. 

Springville really has been the best change of scenery, this is my drive home everyday! Love it!

But really the most important part of this post.. is our new addition to the family! A furry baby!
His name is Henry & he is in fact the cutest kitten ever.
He is obsessed with Kevin, feathers, boxes & anything that moves.  He doesn't sit still very long & he is really making this unpacking & being productive thing very difficult (although he does love to help you fold laundry) but he's just too cute to ignore. 

Told ya.. BFFs forever. 

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  1. Such cuteness! I am so excited and happy for you guys! =D You deserve it, babe.