Fold, fold, fold.

Lets just pretend I haven't been neglecting our blog & skip onto the fun stuff.
2014 Goals:
-Build a yard (by ourselves haha!)
-Paint, paint, paint!
-Make the bed every single day (I tried this last year & failed..but so far so good!)
-Henry's is to stop getting on the counter.. & for us to stop letting him.

I got a new job!  After 3 years at Hobby Lobby I got a new job at Ulta (makeup/beauty/heaven store) & am just ecstatic about it! 
Also I've decided I wasn't designed for the stay at home wife type of job.  I've had a week & a half off & I honestly can't wait to start my new job.  The constant cycle of laundry & dishes is getting a little old to say the least.. but on the upside it made me clean & decorate our house!

Guest Bathroom

Master Bathroom

Our bathroom just didn't quite have enough room for all my junk so we found this amazing cupboard at Target & it almost matches which is enough for me!

Our half bath is missing because it is about to undergo some big changes. Stay tuned!

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  1. just stumbled across your darling blog! my dream job has always been to work at ulta! make sure to post all about it!