New adventures.

I started my new job at Ulta last week & this week we had our grand opening! It's been fun just doing something new & talking to people who love makeup as much as I do! 
I'm also on a new business adventure with my best friends, Bradie & my Mom!  We started a craft business called Crafty Stash (facebook & Etsy coming soon!) but we have our instagram all set up @craftystash & I am so excited to finally follow this dream!  So I've been busy making wreaths & banners to sell at craft shows! 

I am participating in a fun challenge my aunt Emily came up with called #mylifeunstaged, the first challenge was your bedroom.  My favorite part of our bedroom is for sure the walk in closet.  I am so ocd about laundry I don't even let Kevin do our laundry, everything has to be color coordinated, which he isn't too bummed about. 

When I quit Hobby Lobby & went to Ulta I dropped to part time.  I am kind of a busy body & love working.. so this has been a new adventure.  I guess I'm getting a taste of what being a stay at home mom is going to be like & I know I'm driving Henry (our kitty) nuts but he puts up with me.
We really love sleeping in together. :) 

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