24 feels so good.

For two weeks Kevin & I just party our butts off.. really we have too many "birthday get togethers" & use all our birthday coupons & gain 10 pounds. It's pretty fun though sharing your birthday with your lover.

We both turned 24 & it feels exactly the same.  Although I don't know how 24 can beat 23 since at 23 we bought a house & got a kitty.  Dream come true!

I was trying to be all sneaky & bring balloons in so Kevin would wake up to them.. but Henry got a hold of the balloons & ran down the hall with them & woke Kevin up. But same thing.  Also Kevin only turned 9 because balloons are expensive. 
We also visited the Natural History Museum for Kevins birthday.  We mostly went for the Chocolate exhibit (deceiving because you think you are gonna get chocolate & then at the end they are like yeah, you can have ONE piece of chocolate for a buck.) & that was fun I had no idea chocolate was so fascinating!
& we split a peach shake. I love my cute bearded man.

Kevin & Henry brought me breakfast in bed for my birthday & Henry let me hold him for one minute.
In all of my 24 years I've never worked on my birthday (& usually got out of going to school..spoiled) but this time we are celebrating by going to California so I felt too bad to take it off... mistake.  Never again.  It's not as magical & apparently they frown upon you wearing a crown all day.  
But my sister took me out to lunch & after work Kevin & I grabbed dinner & ice cream to make the day a little exciting.  

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