California Part One

We went to California guys!  & it's gonna take two posts but I'll tell ya this was probably our favorite vacation to date! Hooray for sunshine & sandy toes!
We are lucky enough to know a handful of people who love us enough to let us stay with them so that makes traveling a bit more fun (& longer).  Our first stop was Kevin's brother Mike & his wife Alyson & their new addition (basically the whole Cali decision cause Kevin loves babies too much) Beckham!  The first night we just cuddled this cute babe right to sleep (psych! it was a cat nap) & tried so hard to make him laugh! 

The next day Kevin & I headed out to a Feline Conservation Center to see some big kitties, it was perfect & totally made me miss our lion we left at home!  We saw all kinds of tigers, leopards, panthers, & random cats I had never even heard of.   They were all growling & hissing at each other it was so crazy & of course Kevin got a pic of all of them yawning since I'm pretty sure it was nap time when we saw them. Oh & there was some fabulous peacocks that hang out with the cats & pose for pictures (jk I've got skills).

We also had a little BBQ with Mike & Alyson & got some delicious cupcakes! 

The next day we headed to Beverly Hills/Bel Air & Santa Monica Beach!
^^daddy material & brothers jumpin in the waves^^
beach bums
baby beckham

I could totally get use to the California life as long as we live close to the beach & shopping.

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  1. Yes! Another Beckham! Best name ever.

    Also, you two are the cutest couple on the planet.