California part two.

Next we headed to Oceanside to see my best friend Lauren & hubby Andy! Thank goodness they are moving back to Utah cause we really miss them! We went to the Long Beach Aquarium & oddly enough I've never been to an aquarium (or don't remember going if I did?) so it was a pretty fun experience! 
We got to pet a sting ray and touch all sorts of odd sea creatures which was really neat.

Then we went to beach #2 Oceanside Pier! 
It was so pretty & we got to see some dolphins swim by! 
We also were DYING to get some sushi so we went to this really cute sushi place and succeeded in the terrifying All You Can Eat Sushi (really though it was intense) & died of laughter from this Celebration song that I'll never get out of my head. 

The next day we got some serious shopping out of the way& I made my very first Kate Spade purchase, an adorable diaper bag.. not an annoucement of any kind I just have a terrible addiction to purses (of any size).
We went to Laguna Beach, which was my favorite beach maybe because of the weather but we also did seashell finding, climbed a few rocks & got a nice tan! 

 We also watched a perfect sunset together. XOXO

The whole way home I was in such denial we were going back home to Utah..
California is officially on my list of places I wish we lived.  I could lay on the beach all day long.

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