All in a days work.

Most days I feel like my world is upside down, I make too many plans (& I'm ALWAYS hosting it for some odd reason?) or I'm working crazy & Kevins working crazy it's just madness.  
And then I go to write a blog post & I'm like..what did we do this week? Oh I can't remember.
This is my life folks.  It's craziness & it's so craziness that I can't even remember what we did last week?

A few weeks ago Kevin's mom did come & stay with us however! & we even took a picture.
We take too many pictures of our cat. But ya know what? When your cat poses for pictures it makes it hard not to take pictures of him! Plus he's the fluffiest thing I've ever seen & he's my baby.
I call this collage "All in a days work"
Wake up parents, play in the washer, put on pjs, & go to sleep.
Every waking moment Kevin is outside working on our yard (cause he has sooo much spare time ha jokes.)  I snapped a few "before pics" but I really wanna wait til we get the fence & grass in so it's a drastic change because right now it looks about the same.
I can't wait until we get grass in because sweeping up dirt sure is getting old.

We found these chairs at Four Chairs (my DREAM house) & could not stop thinking about them when we got home so we drove back & bought them.  But they look so pretty with our table. 

& another addition to the kitchen.. I've been collecting Starbucks jars forever 
& finally got a set to use as cute cups! 

& finally.. for Easter we went on a windy picnic & pet some llamas!

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