Busy Business.

A while back I mentioned I was starting a craft business called Crafty Stash (@craftystash for you instagrammers) & by some miracle I entered us into two boutiques (thinking oh IF we even get into ONE it'll be amazing) & we got into both of them. Back to back weekends = madness in my craft room (HAHA JK MY WHOLE HOUSE!) it's a craziness of scissors, yarn, melted glue gun everywhere but I am loving it!

I'll admit it's been a little struggle juggling my new job, stay at home wife/homemaker, & my craft business because lets be honest I just wanna paint stuff & hot glue everything & ignore all the dishes & laundry but now that our booth is only a week away I can finally relax.  I can't wait to show the world our booth because I'm pretty obsessed with it.
My favorite wreath of all time that i'll conveniently "leave at home" the day of the show.

Gingham forever. 

Soup Can Utensil Holder. 
I'm so excited & I just can't hide it.

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