Cleaning Schedule

Just a moment for some honesty.. I'm one of those people that as soon as someone says "Hey i'm coming over" I jump up (cause I was probably on the couch..) & race to pick up my house & lets be honest again I ONLY pick up downstairs.  And if I really know you.. I don't even do that.  A few chosen have seen my house in its truest form.  But now that I don't have a full time job persay I really can't find a good enough excuse not to clean my house so I turned to Pinterest, of course, for help.
I found a few cleaning schedule inspirations & just kinda threw my own together.  It actually has helped a ton & this is why, I always start my day with a "to do list" & slowly drift away from it & focus on organized something miscellaneous (probably to avoid dishes & laundry) so this has helped keep me on track.
I tweaked mine to fit my house layout & lifestyle.  Monday is our garbage day so I made Sunday the empty trash day & what I love is that some of the rooms like our Guest Room really don't need touching every single week so Friday ends up being a freebie if I did everything else all week! Win. Win!
What would you do differently?  Do you have a cleaning schedule you follow & love? I'd love to hear what others do to maintain a clean house!


  1. This is a great idea! :) I am curious what deep cleaning entails on Sundays, though?
    For me, I just kind of make myself do it but not very well. I am always behind on things. I do try to think as if I need to get things ready for a guest coming to stay and that helps.

    1. Deep cleaning for me is when I decide to completely tear apart & reorganize something or sometimes I clean like all the blinds in our house. Random things mostly. So Sundays work best for that stuff here!

    2. Okay, cool. I was just wondering for when I make one of these, too. :) Sundays end up being one of the days we get most stuff done, too, because we put it off all weekend and then need to get it done before Monday. lol