Front Door Reveal

You guys I am so in love with my new front door.  I can't even believe I forgot to post about this!
It was kind of a long process & my arms hurt for days after all that painting but it's so bright & beautiful!

Brand: Glidden Paint & Primer Duo 
Color: Extra virgin olive oil

Here's how it works:
1. Clean your door & if its super old sand where needed.
2. Take off the door handles (or spend an hour taping them, whatever) & tape the door hinges off (use an x-acto knife to make a crisp clean cut so you can paint your little heart out!
3. Get an caffeinated beverage, trust me it's a step.
4. Crack open that paint & stir it up.  I used a roller specifically made for doors so I poured my paint into a paint tray & for all the little creases I just used a smallish paintbrush.  No need to get fancy.
5. Depending on your door & how complex it is (thank the heavens we have like the most simple door ever) this step will change, but no worries i'm sure pinterest has a door similar to yours with a fancy diagram too!

& after a while your door looks like this! One pretty coat of paint in! While painting the panels on the door make sure to get the creases really good the first time around.  
6. Go watch some tv, you deserve it!
7. After first coat is dry, add another in the same order.
8. The third coat I finished the next day cause I was gonna cry.. so you can too. No biggie.  Also I put on my final coat with a big paintbrush cause I like brush strokes, whatever works!

Just remember.. if you mess up you can paint it again next year!

p.s. you can only paint your door if the weather is not going to be below 40 degrees!

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