I can't believe summer is already here. I feel like weeks are just flying by & life is so crazy busy. 
We got to see Kevin's family while they were in town & of course took some pictures of this freaking cute baby!  I just love watching Kevin play with his nephew it makes my heart melt he's gonna be the sweetest dad someday.

Speaking of business. Doing three boutiques in the span of a month is pure craziness!  Thank goodness I don't have another boutique lined up until fall because I think my house & my husband would both cry.  All in all they went pretty good for being our first boutiques ever & I really learned a lot in what not to do & what to do for the future. Such as start lifting weights because setting up & tearing down your booth by yourself really is a work out..

Also, I hate yardwork.  I just want to walk in our backyard one morning and have find out that little fairies finished our backyard for us while we were sleeping! HA dream on.  But Henry sure is enjoying all the trenches we dug.  I swear he thinks we made a giant maze for him to chase grasshoppers through.

My cute little cousin Maggie turned one this week & she had the cutest birthday party ever.  
I couldn't resist giving her this silly homemade present but it's seriously genius at keeping babies busy so here's the secret: 
tissue box (empty), tulle scraps tied together (I alternate colors to make it cute), shove the tulle in the tissue box & tada! Keeps them busy for a lot longer than it should.

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