Pantry Storage DIY

Transform those beloved soda boxes into canned food pantry storage.
I am so glad I came across this idea on Pinterest!  I have searched high & low for the perfect storage solution for my canned food, everything is either too dang expensive or in my opinion ugly.  So this was the perfect project to revamp my pantry! 

What you'll need:
Cardstock paper
*pick a color of paper that your box will not show through*
X-acto Knife
Glue Stick

 1. Cover the front of the box first. I just glued it right to the front & cut around the box, I also shaved a little of the box off as I cut to form a perfect square opening.
2. Cover the top of the box (if you care cover the bottom too, but i'm cheap)
3. Take your X-acto Knife & cut along the edge of the paper into the box.  Then continue the cutting all the way around the box using the paper as a guide. (My shelves are only that long, if your shelves are as long as the whole box feel free to just keep gluing!)
4. Cover the sides of the box after you've cut off the end of the box.  I went along with my scissors & straightened out the lines & creases all of the glue spots.  

5. Load up your canned food storage & make it all pretty! 
I also used magazine holders from IKEA for the baby cans! 
*the soda box only fits one row of cans so really you can fit 5 cans per box*

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