I seriously can't believe I haven't blogged about this yet.  If you follow me on Instagram/Facebook you probably saw way too many pictures of me & flamingos & pink.  Well sorry, not sorry!

That was one of the best nights (actually I set up so day & night) of my life.  Seriously though.
I got a little internship with the amazing Alison from The Alison Show (go follow her blog, you're welcome!) to help her set up for all the amazingly awesome parties that she throws!  This one in particular was hosted by Bing! & was based on her How to be awesome series, which I highly recommend watching!  I stuck 300+ flamingos in the ground all over a beautiful rooftop with the most gorgeous view in the sweating hot sun, sounds like something I was born to do right?

I loved everything about this party from the flamingos, everything covered in pink, the "awesome" swag, but mostly that I got the chance to put myself out there a little bit & work with some seriously talented people!

We were given VIP passes for helping set up, so we got to come a little early & get the star treatment, i'm talking hair, makeup & nails!  I kept that little flamingo guy on until he was completely unrecognizable.  
It was also so surreal meeting & shaking my tailfeather with all of the bloggers & Instagram sensations I stalk on a daily basis.  I was total fan-girling all night.

No party is complete without a photobooth.  
Even the mayor of Provo hopped in our picture!

As you know I've thrown a few parties in my day ..but nothing compares to this one, I am so glad I got to experience this, because you know FLAMINGOS!

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