3 year anniversary.

This August we celebrated our 3 year anniversary! 3 years people! What! I can't even.. it feels like yesterday.  I mean we have come a long way..but it still feels like it just happened.  Every year we've been married we just get crazier & crazier & I love every minute of it.

This year we decided to go to Midway/Heber/Park City for our anniversary & it was GORGEOUS!  Kevin says it has a old people feel.. no late night clubbing.. unless you are talking about golfing ;) but it was so relaxing & we found plenty of stuff to fill up our time there so I say WIN!

We stayed at the Zermatt Resort..which to clarify is Swiss AND German in case you are wondering.  I would highly recommend staying there if you ever find yourself in Midway.. pricey but worth it!  If you are a cheapskate like us.. Homestead Resort across the street is a bit cheaper & you stay in a cottage! So cute.

Day 1 we went to this adorable little Mexican Restaurant called Tarahumara.  It was so so good, also I was starving to death but they gave us chips & had a salsa bar so you can pick as many salsa's as you want, we shared Pork Carnitas (yum) mostly so we could get the CHEESECAKE CHIMICHANGA & it was well worth the caps! Oh best dessert i've ever had in my life.

Day 2 we ventured into Heber for a little bit, we ate breakfast at Kolaches (a bakery) & ate a giant cinnamon roll which was so heavenly.  We hit up the Heber Thrift Store (literally it's called Thrift Store) & found some adorable baby clothes.. yes, I buy baby clothes.. i'm baby hungry.. leave me alone they were 50 cents & adorable!  We then tried to rent our bikes..but they were all rented so we went back to our hotel & swam in the pool & got our tan on (more like pink..).
The back of our hotel was also so gorgeous so we took a little stroll around & seriously it has so much to do, a carousel, billy goats, cows, horses, and a huge duck pond.

We also ate at the famous Dairy Keen of course! Amazing shakes & pretty good burger & fries.  It kind of just a place you have to go when you are in Heber!
We then went on our fabulous tandem bike adventure!  It was fun, terrifying, stressful, beautiful & fabulous all in one trip.  I'll just say this.. you think you have a strong marriage & then you ride a tandem bike together.. & it really tests things. ;) Also, my husband is a crazy person & I am a scaredy cat.

Day 3 we slept in?! (Our kitties wake us up at 5 am every morning by singing..so 9 am in sleeping in) & ate breakfast at the restaurant in our hotel..they gave us a voucher for not having to change our sheets so why not? & headed to Park City for the day!  We walked around the "farmers market" & basked in the hot hot sun.  We then took our little picnic & got on the lift.  It was so peaceful & breezy.  Exactly what we needed.  When we got to the top we realized there isn't really any grass so we ate amongst a lot of bees & weeds & our sandwiches were baked but it was SO pretty & the view was to die for!

& we came home to some kitties who missed us a great deal, obviously.

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  1. So cute! I'm so glad you guys got to go have some fun and relax. :) And such adorable kitties to come home to. ^_^