Thrive Life Review

If you are like me.. you struggle with making dinner (or every single meal)..& this post is for you.
If you are amazing & don't struggle making meals then goodbye! Jk you can still read. Sometimes i'm a rock star & make a 5 course meal, but it's very unlikely & here is why.  I procrastinate.. & then I want a huge long process meal in 30 mins timing.  I have become better at planning out the week of meals, but I still struggle with actually making the meal & before 9:00 p.m. especially if it's a busy week.

Thrive is a freeze dried food system ("food storage" is a word used to describe this company..but I'm using many items in place of what we would be buying so I don't consider it food storage necessarily) that is delicious, healthy & convenient.  If you want to see all of the facts click here.

If you are suspicious.. so was I.  Then I went to their warehouse & tasted all of this food. Then I ate PIZZA that was made using all Thrive food (minus olives) & was floored.

So to show you that I'm actually using my Thrive food in place of my everyday food here are 7 of the meals that we made using a Thrive food item in place of a non-Thrive item.  I'm not saying we use this everyday & I still plan on using normal chicken & beef, but for those days that I just do NOT feel like making dinner this stuff is my saving grace.

Here is what we bought for our first order:
Season chicken slices
Green bell peppers
Red bell peppers
Sausage crumbles
Ground beef

& here are 7 meals we made using at least one ingredient from the list above.
DISCLAIMER: I took pictures of all of these meals.. & then my camera deleted all my photos SO you just get a yummy discription.. so upset.
*Constituted means covering the freeze dried food with water until it becomes the real deal & no longer is freeze dried.  Usually about 5 to 10 mins.

1. Bowtie Alfredo Chicken
We constituted the chicken & cooked it in the Alfredo Sauce (10 mins total) & added to the pasta with broccoli & garlic bread.

2. Lettuce Tacos
I did get a little fancy and made Cilantro Lime Rice, but the rest was way too simple. Constituted the ground beef & tossed it in a pan with Taco Seasoning. Warmed up beans & corn. Chopped up onions & cooked.  Meanwhile constituted the red & green bell peppers & then added to the onions.  Added all of our tasty ingredients to our lettuce & enjoyed!

3. Pizza
We used pepperoni, bacon bits, the Thrive Sausage Crumbles, olives & of course some good old Winco refrigerated pizza dough.. The laziest dinner i've ever made & it tasted so good.

4. Waffles, sausage & eggs!
This is kind of self explanitory but we are obsessed with waffles.. we always have a bag of waffles in our fridge because I love breakfast on the go. So we always make a huge batch of waffles randomly to eat all week long.  This time we added our Thrive sausage crumbles to our scrambled eggs, some garlic powder & cheddar cheese. YUM.

5. Fruity Amazing Salad
Salads are MY thing, for real.  I am pro at taking random food & tossing it with some lettuce & ta-da! Salad.  So this time I took the seasoned chicken slices & constituted them cooked them in a little olive oil & lemon pepper seasoning for a few mins. Added chopped lettuce, mandarin oranges, strawberry slices, peach slices, & constituted mango chunks.  Topped with honey roasted almonds, feta cheese & poppy seed dressing.  So delicious.

6. Chicken & Cheddar Broccoli Bowls
I made some rice in my rice cooker & steamed the broccoli up above (fancy, I know) & constituted my chicken & "grilled" it in my toaster oven for like 3 mins.  Added all these to a bowl with some cheddar cheese on top. Seriously took me 10 minutes!

7. Taco Stuffed Zuccini Boats
Obviously I dig the tacos minus the taco shells.. who needs those carbs.
Cut the zuccini in half, scrape a little out to kind of make the taco shell. Constituted the ground hamburger & added it to a pan with taco seasoning, chopped onions, the constituted red & green bell peppers.  After it's all cooked together (4 mins maybe?) add to the zuccini & top with cheese.  Pop in the oven for maybe 30 mins or until the zuccini looks cooked! So yummy I love love zuccini!

One last tip: Thrive is a FANTASTIC idea if you are going to have a little one/already have a little one because hello INSTANT BABY FOOD! Crush up the mangoes, raspberry, bananas & put in a little bag for on the go. Add water & TADA! So i'm really really excited for that (not an announcement) someday!

If you are a Utah local you can visit Thrive's warehouse in American Fork & they have a sample of everything that they carry so you can try it before you buy it!  I'm really glad that I came across this company!  If you would like to order something through my party here is a link that you can order through:

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