& then three months slipped away.

Does life just slip away from me or what?  My last post was from September?! Our life has been pure madness since then.. I guess it's high time for a blog post, not that life isn't craziness right now, but you know just watching You Tube videos anyhow, might as well.

Lets see, both me & Kevin got promotions at our jobs which was a huge blessing, but also a huge mistake! (jokes) because it made us crazy people! Well me mostly, Kevin already has lost his marbles due to school.  I work most days at 6 am (sometimes 5) so like shoot me in the face! I'm one of those roll out of bed at 10 am kind of people so this has been a drastic change, not that I was a night person by any means.

We saw KATY PERRY. Oh heavens that needs its own blog post..
It was a big deal we bought our tickets for my birthday in MARCH & didn't go til SEPTEMBER.. every sentence between then was like OMG KATY PERRY. I died my hair pink for it.. lets just say that's how excited I was. & IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT. Obviously it's Katy Perry but blog post coming soon.

I take Halloween VERY seriously.  I have to start thinking about Halloween in like March so I can properly coordinate all our costumes & I need months to convince Kevin to cooperate.  This year I was a mermaid, Kevin was a sailor, Henry was a shark & Walter was a catfish (he hasn't learned to cooperate quite yet..).  Yes, I died my hair turquoise & yes it's still turquoise.

We barely saw each other the past 3 months.. I think we took maybe one selfie together (blasphemy).  Kevin's just been workin his booty off to get school done as fast as possible & it really blows.  So i've just been keeping myself busy.. with craft craziness.  I did three craft shows in 2 weeks. Technically one of them went for 2 weeks so it was 3 weeks, but still if you came to my house in those 2 weeks I'M SO SORRY PLEASE BE MY FRIEND.  All dishes, laundry, meal making went out the window.. & still hasn't really made its way back into our lives, good thing new years resolutions are coming.  It was fun & all but I think next year, I will pick either craft shows OR retail life cause I'm still recovering.  Hint: I'll pick craft shows, retail sucks the life out of me.
Notice the crystal blue meth on the ground            ^^ 
Oh but don't worry, we take plenty of cat pictures & no blog post is complete without cat pictures cause these little fur balls are my life..well mostly Henry cause Walter scratches my eyeball & people think I have pink eye for a week.. but he's cute when he sleeps at least.  Just imagine what i'd get done if I didn't spend all my time taking pictures of them.. but whats the fun in that really.

& I leave you with the video of my cousin Maggie. The end is my very favorite. Tis the season!

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