Christmas in Cancun!

We finally decided to splurge & go on a real vacation.  A week long vacation in paradise & it was worth the year long wait!  We stayed at an all inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico.  The minute we got to our resort we both had a drink in our hand & headed straight to the beach, well after a nap of course..3 am flights are rough!
The second day we spend basically the whole day by the pool & the beach & exploring our resort. The water was so warm & the view was incredible!  I definitely think i'm living in the wrong place.. I could sit at the beach all day long, especially if someone hands me endless amount of Pina Coladas.
The next few days it was really gloomy & windy so we decided to hit up the mall & grocery store.  If you haven't been to Mexico..apparently they don't have ANY Mountain Dew..WHICH IS A BIG DEAL! So after 3 days I was dying..& by some miracle this strange little store in the mall had two cans of Mountain Dew send down from the heavens.  The rest of the mall was weird & a waste of time but thank goodness we went for my caffine addict self.  Oh and we got some really yummy donuts.

Thank goodness our resort had activities going on at night or we would have watched a LOT of Spanish television.  They had a Moulin Rouge night & a Comedy night.  Both of which were top notch.  Maybe it was the language barrier..or maybe it was the alcohol but either way we laughed our butts off.

We decided to go snorkeling for the first time ever despite the crazy weather & it was terrifying. Well when they say it's fine for beginners they lie & also I have a tiny head & my snorkel mask filled up with water when I was trying to swim..but after I almost drowned it was all good.  We do look pretty snazzy in our wet suits though!

 The weather finally got warm & the skies clearned up so we hustled to the beach, soaked up the sun, hunted for seashells, & drank a lot of Bahama Mamas (our new favorite drink).  This was probably the most relaxing & my favorite day that we had, we just relaxed & enjoyed the ocean together.  PERFECT.

The most exciting (& expensive) part of our trip was the Xcaret park, it was totally worth every penny.  My only regret is not signing up for more of the fun stuff that they offered.  Like swimming with dolpins or snorkeling..guess we'll just have to go back!

If you know us.. we love animals.  So probably the coolest part of the park other than it's basically a rainforest/beach/paradise is that there are really cool animals & sea creatures all over the park.  Kevin & I kept joking that all the animals were obsessed with us because pretty much every animal was super close to us & was like staring us down.  Especially the angry raccoon.

Flamingos!!!              Monkey swinging               Angry Raccoon.
They also had a really cool underwater aquarium & a billion baby turtles!! I LOVE turtles so it was really fun watching all the baby turtles swimming around & I've never seen a Manatee or Dolphins up close so we spent way too long watching them swim around!

We then headed to a Underwater Sea Trek! This has to be the coolest thing we've ever done.  They put these helmets with oxygen in them on your head & you walk down into the ocean where they have you hold on to a rope..good thing cause that helmet was so heavy it almost knocked me right over.  Fish were just swimming all around us & even a ginormous turtle! The feeling was incredible under the water.  At the end a sting ray decided to swim across my belly which was pretty crazy! 

It started pouring rain so we decided to hit up the buffet which was AMAZING. Our resort had ..a lot of questionable food which really had me doubting Mexico in general..but our buffet restored my faith.  The pineapple was to DIE for.  They also had some bananas & cream with nuts..oh my gosh we had like 3 bowls full of them & Kevin made out with some chicken. (He's gonna kill me.)

We roamed the jungle, held some parrots, chased some butterflies, obviously took some santa pictures on the beach, Kevin took a nap on a hammock & we attempted to swim in an underground river (which, okay it seemed super cool but we chose to go in the one that was all caves so I was super claustrophobic the whole time, it was pitch black & so of course I smacked my head on the freaking rocky wall trying to swim in damn flippers.  Then my cute husband trying to get me to finish the river offered to hold my waterproof phone so he put it in his pocket & it floated out.. FML. Then a scuba diver came & found it.. then end.) 

We're like Oh yay underground river! How fun! PSYCH!
And did I mention the view was incredible? Breathtaking.


  1. Looks amazing! I have always wanted to try one of those scuba helmets!

    1. Oh you totally should! It was so surreal being underwater with that thing on but it sure was heavy!