14 weeks pregnancy update.


Week: 14
The baby is the size of a: LEMON!
Weight: I've gained 4 pounds total. I know, i know lay off the pringles.
Stretch Marks: Not any new ones that i've seen..but i'm sure under my boobs which i've tried to avoid there are some creepin.
Symptoms: Here are my crazy person symptoms aka pregnancy. 
Moody & crazy emotional. Wait..is going from 1 to 10 over a sock on the floor normal? Thought so too! 
So damn sensitive to smell. Like just throw your leftover food out in the dumpster cause I'll scream. Also normal.
Exhausted. I sleep. I eat. I sleep some more. I pee. My life! 
Sleep: Speaking of sleep. I sleep amazing on the couch..our bed? Not so much. We bought me a glorious body pillow but its so damn hot already?!  This will be a long summer indeed.
Cravings/Aversions to Eating: I love KFC. Actually our baby might be from the south cause my cravings are potatoes of any kind, fried chicken (chicken is the only meat I can really stomach), mac n cheese, and lots of bbq flavors. I am finding myself being less disgusted by food which is soooo nice. 
Feeling: week 12 I felt pretty good & week 13 I felt great so I deep cleaned our entire house..which back fired on me and now I must take it even more easy. 
Random: this ultrasound we found out that my hemmorage has torn a little more instead of healing up. Which could be on my part or could be cause our baby is growing perfectly buy either way not the news I was hoping for! The circumfrence of the overall bleed has decreased which is good because that means its not necessarily bleeding as much just hasn't started healing.. The baby is growing healthy though & that was my main concern. I freaked out a few days before & convinced myself the baby wasn't growing at all..you know typical pregnanct lady stuff.

Our perfect button nosed baby. 

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