16 weeks pregnancy update

Week: 16
The baby is the size of a: AVOCADO!
Weight: I haven't weighed myself this week.. but I feel like around 5-6 pounds. I've definitely gotten a bigger belly that's for sure!
Stretch Marks: A few here & there.  I just try not to look too close & pretend I've gotten none. Lotion on up!
Symptoms: My weirdest symptom which I don't even know is a real symptom but ever since i've been pregnant I sneeze like 50 times a day especially when I first wake up.  At first I thought I was crazy.. but Kevin has confirmed I sneeze a ton.
I've also been a little bit emotional.. haha mostly rage.  I go from like 1 to 10 in seconds over practically nothing, but I ain't apologizing. Hormones I tell ya.
I feel like i'm either getting used to be exhausted.. or i'm not as exhausted so I don't need to sleep 12 hours a night anymore!  And I haven't been as weak so hoping that is a good sign for my hemmorage.
Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty good lately.  I don't wake up as often & my body pillow is so comfy that all the family tries to steal it for themselves!  My favorite thing ever is our littlest kitty Walter is obsessed with my belly.  He loves to come and lay by my belly with his arm around it or lay his head on my belly and "listen" to a. the baby for reals or b. my belly noises but still it is super adorable!
Cravings/Aversions to Eating: My cravings have been pretty consistent the whole time but I feel myself having less and less aversions to food.  The other day I was able to stomach like half a hamburger which was great because meat has been a little iffy so far.  I still LOVE mashed potatoes & mac n cheese so this baby loves him some southern food! We also enjoy cereal for dinner quite often around here.  I have like zero desire to cook.. so poor Kevin has a lot of take out & cereal.  Also I die if I eat an onion or garlic.  I can pretty much tell right away if there is an onion in my food because my chest starts to burn so i've starting being super picky about the food i'm eating to avoid heart burn.
Feeling: This week I've felt GREAT! I had a ton of energy to throw our gender reveal party, host my first Norwex party & do a bunch of Etsy orders for my business so i'd say I've been pretty accomplished!  I don't feel super sick/weak as I have in the past few weeks so I 
Random: In my last post here I talked about our gender reveal party we just had!  We're having a baby BOY! I was like 80% sure I was having a girl, I had all the "old wives tales" of girl symptoms & a fast heartbeat so our nurse said she thought it was a girl.  But Kevin must have had a secret plan cause it was a boy!  Either way we were going to do a nautical nursery but all my nautical stuff was boy colors so far, we have way more boy clothes & toys so maybe it was just fate to have a boy first.  I'm just excited we know because now I can justify buying clothes & get Kevin on painting the nursery! It felt good having a little party & celebrating this baby because so far I've been trying not to get too psyched in case something happened but now that we know the gender there is no stopping me! 

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  1. They say heart burn equals hair on baby's head. Holds true with me. 2 with hair, 1 bald.