Gender Reveal Party!

"Taking it easy" totally includes planning & throwing parties for your baby right? I finally felt well enough & had enough energy to throw a gender reveal party & start celebrating this baby!

We went Saturday to Fetal Fotos to find out the gender of our baby! Anyone that knows me knows that I am extremely girly & scream pink & glitter so I kind of just assumed from the beginning that I was having a girl!  Kevin was a little more sensible & even though I know secretely that he wants a boy he just said he'd be happy with either (what a mooch).

We sent a little invite to our families asking them to vote for what Baby Kuhle would BEE.  I'm all about themes. Bumble bee & babies fit perfectly.

We filled a whole bunch of black balloons with the color of confetti that the baby was & it was a fun little adventure. Balloons popping in our faces & confetti sneaking all over the place almost giving away our secret!

This was the first party that the food was pretty much the last detail I thought of but it all came together in the end.  I decided to go low key on the food since I have zero desire to cook these days.

Vanilla yogurt cups topped with blackberries & granola
Fruit shiskabobs
Mini honeycomb cheesecake bites

And the verdict was:
It's a boy!  At the ultrasound I had to be open minded because even though I thought it was a girl I was like well.. there is a 50% chance it's a boy also.  I'm excited for Kevin to have a little boy & I get my cute nautical nursery I've always dreamed about.  We are 99% set on a name already & I hope our boy loves wearing bow ties & suspenders because they are definitely in his future!  I keep telling Kevin that he better give me a girl next time though or he's in trouble for sure.  We are SO excited that our healthy baby boy is growing away & feels so at ease in ultrasounds that he just kicks back & throws his arms behind his head posing for his parents.

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