My Norwex adventure

I finally did it, I signed up to be an Independent Consultant for Norwex & I feel so pumped about it! I just held my first Norwex party (for myself to practice) & even just talking about Norwex gets me so excited & happy that I'm finally doing this!

How I got into Norwex?
I first got introduced a few years ago when my aunt had a Norwex party.  I went & promised Kevin I wouldn't get suckered into it (like I do with everything) but then the girl did the demo..& I was hooked.  Cleaning is kind of my thing & cleaning with water? Is just plain cool.  So I bought a body cloth to wash my face with & scheduled a party.  Kevin surprisingly became obsessed with the body cloth also so I knew I was okay to have a party.  At my party I was again HOOKED & this time Kevin watched & understood my excitement!  We got a ton of free product from our party & bought a ton also so Norwex took over our home.  When we moved I disposed of our chemical ridden cleaning supplies at a center & we began fresh in our new house!

Why I started selling Norwex?
For YEARS I have been spitting out facts about chemicals & telling people about these "super cool cloths with silver in them" & so many people have bought things from other consultants because I showed them my cloth or cleaned their fridge with it or talked their ear off about how cool they are!
If you ever come to my house.. Norwex is everywhere.. & we are kind of hippies so it's fine.

What Norwex has done for me?
Norwex has made me feel safe cleaning my house.  I'm kind of known for cleaning.  I'm super OCD & I used to clean houses for a living.. so i'm a little bit of a clean freak.  I hate a messy house & I can't STAND a dirty one! Don't be offended if I clean your house.. it's just what I do, but anyways.. when we moved into our new house I felt such a relief knowing that my new little kitten could run around & lick anything & it wouldn't have some deadly chemical on it.  I'm not afraid when my friends kids come over & crawl all over my kitchen floor because I JUST cleaned it with water.  I love the fact that my kids will never know what "Windex" is because all I use is water & two cloths to clean my windows.  Norwex really has simplified my life & made me feel safe cleaning my own house!

Why are you into direct selling?
People have to see to believe.  Once you see me wipe butter off your window with water & a cloth.. you are like "Oh that's pretty cool" but if you just read that in this blog post.. you are probably like "Psh whatever" because people had to see, smell, touch & breathe things to really be able to decide if they like it or not.  I have held dozens of parties of every direct selling business.  But Norwex was really the only business that over took my home BY CHOICE & that I continuously talked about for years after I had my "dumb little party".  It seriously became a part of me & a part of my home.

Why don't you have a real job?
Even before I became pregnant Kevin & I started discussing me selling Norwex because we knew that I should become a stay at home mom, but when I almost miscarried our baby & had to suddenly quit my job we decided I should start on this adventure while I couldn't work any more because going from 2 paychecks to 1 makes preparing for a baby a little difficult.  Norwex might not bring in the bank, but it makes me feel at ease knowing i'm contributing but not harming my baby in the process.

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  1. I didn't realize there is silver in them! That's really cool! I worry about cleaning my sinks with harsh chemicals because my kitties like to lay in them and lick at the drops of water and I always worry about if I got it rinsed off well enough. I'm so excited for you to be doing this. :) And I think it is a real job. I was teaching 26 piano students a week in what was sometimes referred to as "not a real job" but it the most rewarding job I ever had and really did help our finances out. Anyway, I am going to look at the site this weekend and learn more about these products! :D