17 weeks pregnancy update

Week: 17
The baby is the size of a: ONION (I thought overalls fit this well!)
Gender: BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Weight: I've gained 7ish pounds.  BUT I was wearing my shoes.. so you know. ;)
Stretch Marks: A few light stretch marks on top of the one I already had haha. Hopefully they stay light.
Symptoms: Oh I sneeze all day long, I also have allergies so it's like sneezing 24/7
Tiredness - mostly by 7pm i'm set for laying down!
Belly stretching- my belly is SORE & I can constantly feel it stretching! Its a weird feeling!
Oh the heartburn! 
Sleep: I've been kind of awful & keep falling asleep on our couch downstairs.. & around 2-3 a kitty usually wakes me up & I go upstairs so my sleep pattern is completely off because then I just lay there awake on my phone for like an hour. I also want to sleep like 12 hours a night..so we have a lot of late morning cuddles in this house.  The kitties are loving how lazy I am in the morning, they aren't really morning kitties either haha.
Cravings/Aversions to Eating: I feel like most of my aversions have gone away.  I ate an egg for the first time in months the other day (thanks chef Kevin) & I can mostly stomach hamburgers..Kevin usually just finishes mine for me haha & I still can't eat onions/garlic just for heartburn reasons, I love those foods but man its totally not worth it!  We've eaten a lot of mexican food & my occasional KFC craving (its too easy..its on Kevin's way home haha) but I feel like since i'm finally feeling good I'm going to put my foot down on eating out & start making some damn meals again!  Our wallets will thank me - jk I'm on a baby buying binge so they won't.
Feeling: Fantastic! Finally! I haven't bled since our last ultrasound (14 weeks) so we're taking it as a good sign! At this ultrasound they said there is no changes which isn't really good news, but it means it isn't tearing anymore so I might FINALLY be healing! I'll take it!  I'll usually have one day a week where I just don't feel like moving and I sleep/veg out all day long but for the most part I feel great and I'm able to start doing a lot more around the house which I'm so grateful for! Poor Kevin has been taking on everything by himself & is a little exhausted.
Looking forward to: Decorating the nursery! I bought a ton of stuff the other day for the nursery & i'm working on painting the changing table & crib! I picked out the nursery color scheme & the wall color so now Kevin just needs to add painting the nursery to his big long to do list.  I'm getting so excited every baby thing we add to the collection makes it a little more real. I've always been a baby clothing hoarder, but now that we have a crib, changing table, car seat & stroller I'm feeling pretty ready! & we're not even half way! I've haven't bought any baby clothes since we got pregnant, but that's because I haven't gotten out a whole lot haha just you wait.
Random: At our ultrasound they were trying to get all of the 16 weeks measurements on the baby to make sure he's growing properly, which he is..he is actually a week ahead of schedule so yay to my womb I guess.  Anyways, I don't know if he just woke up or something but he was SO wiggly it was very entertaining for me & Kevin because usually he just sits there & we oogle over his profile, but this was fun because he kept stretching and wiggling all over the place (the tech didn't thing it was as cute..since it made the ultrasound like 40 minutes long haha).  He also is obsessed with his hands, every single ultrasound he has his hands behind his head, or over his face, stretched in the air.  It's prettttty freaking adorable. 

Also.. I'm just putting it out there.  I'm 99% set on his name:

Benson Ezra Kuhle

Now if I say it enough times, I think Kevin will hop on board.


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    1. Hahaha you're like the third person who has said that! We'll just go with yes, except for the thought would have never crossed my mind haha ;)

  2. Look how cute his little feet are! And I love the name :) Congrats, this is so exciting I love following along people's pregnancy journeys!