Week 18 pregnancy update.

I think this is my favorite outfit pregnant so far ^^

Week: 18, basically 19 though. 
The baby is the size of a: Sweet Potato! My favorite!
Gender: BOY! 
WeightI've gained 7ish pounds.  BUT I was wearing my shoes.. so you know.. haha I only weigh myself at the dr.  I just have no desire whatsoever to know my weight.
I took the stretch marks question off.. I don't need that negativity in my life. 
Symptoms: A lot of stretching!  I feel myself constantly pushing on my sides because it's hurting so much..guess that's where this belly is coming from.
I feel like I have a lot of energy..until I run a million errands..I just can't go as fast as I could before.  Benson definitely is trying to tell me to slow down.
Pregnancy Acne is REAL. Before I was pregnant I had zero acne.. now I find a new friend every morning. 
Oh & I had food poisoning for a day..phew. That was not fun. Now i'm even more grateful I never had serious morning sickenss..throwing up is the worst.
Sleep: I've actually been sleeping pretty good.  So good I've been talking in my sleep which Kevin gets a kick out of. We have a full bed though with two kitties & i'm definetely feeling squished.  If I fall asleep downstairs on the couch its almost impossible to talk myself into going upstairs so I've had a few couch sleeping nights (oy my back).
Cravings/Aversions to Eating: I'm loving food (not ao much actually cooking food..ain't nobody got time for that) but I seriously have to contimplate what i'm eating.  Kevin has guilted me into hamburgers & pizza too much lately & I've immediately regretted it but we're trying to eat a little better! I love all the southern foods, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, sweer potatoes, but I also have been craving a lot of veggies & fruit on top of my favoeite Sodalicious beverage.. Seriously I love coconut anything. 
Feeling: Like superwoman & then I realize nope, you're pregnant..but I finally cooked a few meals, folded our mountain of laundry that Kevin would have to sift through every morning & deep cleaned our kitchen! I also may or may not have already washed & hung up all of his clothes.. & we are in TROUBLE. This picture is of all the clothes I purchased BEFORE I was pregnant.. I have a thrift shopping addiction but all his clothes were dirt cheap.  Anyways we go in for another ultrasound in 2 weeks..so that will be the determination on if i'm really doing better or not.  I feel better but hopefully I haven't been overdoing it, life on the couch is real rough for me.  I can't sit still.

Looking forward to: Our next ultrasound.  I love seeing him especially now that he is so active.  I'm anxious to hear how i'm healing! Mostly I just want to see Benson.
Random: April 10, 2015 which is coincidentally the day Kevin proposed to me 4 years ago, we were having a wild night laying on the couch watching tv & I felt a little wiggling in my belly, I jumped up & told Kevin I was pretty sure I felt the baby move!  I laid back down so I could feel it again (Kevin says he thinks he felt it on my belly) & later that night we were laying in bed & he was wiggling all over the place! I knew I felt him for sure that time! Pregnancy just got so much more real for me feeling him move! 

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