20 weeks pregnancy update

Week: 20! Halfway there!
The baby is the size of a: banana!
Gender: BOY! 
Weight: I've gained 16 pounds & the good news is my bump is big enough for my maternity pants! Halle-freakin-lujah! No more rubber band trick!
Symptoms: I either have Pelvic Girdle Pain or Sciatica because every once in awhile I get the worst pain in my buttcheek.. TMI? but seriously last time it brought me to tears because it was so bad! 
My allergies.. I sneeze like 300 times a day.. I'm allergic to being pregnant.
Almost peeing my pants on the daily.
Sleep: Oh some days I sleep amazing, but usually I roll over 500 times & Kevin has to rub all sorts of concoctions on me to help my back, but naps are heaven for me for some reason.  I can take a 3 hour nap with no problem! Waking up & getting out of bed is probably my least favorite part of being pregnant. .its so rough.
Cravings/Aversions to Eating: Cereal! We literally bought 10 boxes of cereal because we go through it like crazy! All the fruits. Potatoes of any form, stuffing?! I basically wanna eat a big Thanksgiving feast lately! 
Aversions: anything that gives me heartburn, pizza, hamburgers, onions, garlic.. its rough.
Feeling: During week 19.. one morning I woke up & I suddenly felt super pregnant for the first time, my back was aching & I could barely roll out of bed. I had no desire to run my endless list of errands and all day I was pushing on my sides because they ached.. and I was like OMG i'm only half way?! 
Looking forward to: Painting the crib, changing table & nursery walls are my current projects!  If you ever talk to me I'm just on operation nursery..so I'll probably show you my paint chips or tell you about the lastest thrift find I got.
Random: At our 20 week ultrasound Benson was being a little butt..he wouldn't hold still & was turned away from the ultrasound the whole time, to be fair I was wearing pants which apparently he dislikes because EVERY time I wear pants I can feel him moving/kicking.. So dresses for life I guess! So we basically got a picture of his feet haha 

Also my hemmorage is healing up pretty nicely! It isn't all the way healed so I still have to be pretty careful not to retear it but things are looking pretty good!

I feel Benson most days now, he stays up late wigglin around & wiggles early early in the morning!
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  1. Baby boy!! How exciting! We are having a boy as well! I'm so excited to experience the mother/son bond since I've been lucky enough to experience having my little bestie daughter as well!
    You look AMAZING! So jealous you fit into your maternity bottoms! I still don't fit in mine, but it doesn't help that I accidently bought them a size too big (but I do remember my butt and thighs growing along with the belly my first time around... pregnancy is so fun :)) so I'm just dying to fit into them and be comfortable wearing bottoms again! Until then, I suppose I'll just keep walking around pantless... just kidding :) It's dresses for me these days!