22 weeks pregnancy update

Week: 22 really though 23 weeks now!
(life is hard when you never get ready & your photographer is never home..so selfie timer it is this week)
The baby is the size of a: Grapefruit! 
Gender: BOY! 
Name: Benson (Debating on Ezra, Liam or Grey for his middle name) Kuhle
Weight: 20ish pounds! Right now I weigh the exact same that I did 2 years ago when I started my weight loss journey.  Being pregnant & gaining weight isn't as self conscious as gaining weight because you're metabolism suddenly stopped but it still is a roller coaster of emotions after all that hard work to lose all that weight & there will be no more trying on clothes in front of the mirror.. because a pregnant girl just can't handle that anymore.  Buying maternity clothes has been both fun & frustrating but I found a swim suit so bring on the warm weather!
Symptoms: Hello back pain! My back suddenly gave out a few weeks ago.. It basically went numb (probably from caring this big ol belly around) so I bought a pregnancy belt & it totally helps even out the pressure in my back! Kevin also gives a pretty mean back rub (he had a great teacher) & baths in the afternoon have become a regular.
Heartburn! Oh the heartburn! I'll never take this symptom off of here i'm afraid.. it's only gotten worse so i've now become one of those people who picks things out of their food (ONIONS) & refuses to eat at certain restaurants.. because if I can't eat a hamburger.. ain't nobody eating a hamburger in front of me!
Boob leakage.. TMI but still. 
Sleep: Not such great sleep. Like I said.. My back is killing me so sleeping gets rough. I basically can't go to sleep unless i'm dead tired otherwise I just toss around. Kevin has to rub deep blue all over my back every night..waking up is still the worst I feel so caved into our bed in my huge pregnancy pillow & my other 3 pillows & 2 cats..can I have my own bed please?
Cravings/Aversions to Eating: I've been loving things packed with flavor this week. Super sweet food like strawberries & donuts, extra salty food like potato chips! Sour punch straws! I made myself Caramel Popcorn after craving it for days & days. So basically I eat breakfast & desserts most days. 
Aversions: anything that gives me heartburn, pizza, hamburgers, onions, garlic.. its really rough.. so i've resulted to just making dinner at home (bummer, I know) but I made Pad Thai & it was amazing to be able to eat it because I controlled the ingredients!
Feeling: I'm feeling pregnant! The first few months I only "felt" pregnant because I was on bed rest, but now I actually FEEL pregnant & look the part (ha I've been looking the part for awhile, no need to break it to me.) My hemmorage is healing up nicely so I decided to start yoga again which feels amazing! I'm just sore & getting all the little aches in pains that come with pregnancy.. I feel like i'm always rubbing my belly or my sides at some point in the day.
Looking forward to: Our ultrasound next week!  I hope Benson lets us get some good pictures of him again instead of being a crazy wiggly baby.
Kevin painted the nursery this past weekend.. YAY!!!! So i'm excited to start putting everything in there & decorating! His nursery is basically all done with the exception of buying a few more items & putting it altogether! Putting together a nursery & trying to finish a yard at the same time is a little bit crazy! Poor Kevin.. he's such a hard little worker.
Random: I've been feeling Benson move around for weeks now but on May 5th he was feeling extra festive (cinco de mayo) because I was laying there watching tv & I SAW him move.. I really could only watch for a few minutes because it kind of made me queasy haha but finally Kevin got to see it! He's super active in the morning and really late at night..so somebody's gotta break the news to this boy that we are not morning people. 
Since I wrote that ^^ he wiggles.. all the freaking time! He finally moved up a little bit so it's not as painful but it's pretty fun to watch him kick the cats in the head if they are laying on my belly & he has some fierce little kicks & punches in him! I love it, it makes me feel more close to him now that I can feel him move all the time.

Benson's nursery getting painted // Little baby shoes are addicting
My pad thai/first real dinner I've made since pregnant // Flowers for the front yard

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