24 week pregnancy update

Week: 24-25 weeks
The baby is the size of a: Cantaloupe!
Gender: BOY! 
Name: Benson Liam Kuhle
Weight: All together i've gained 22 pounds! He weighs 2 pounds. So really i've only gained 20 pounds? I'll take it.  The weight thing gets me sometimes, but I'm growing a baby so I just gotta roll with it.  Maybe i'll sweat some weight off with all the heat.
Symptoms: Aches & pains.  I feel like an old person everytime I get up.  & heartburn forever.  
But all in all I felt amazing this week.  I had a huge surge of energy this weekend (probably from the sunshine finally) but I cleaned my entire car myself, clean & organized our garage, & cleaned all our house + laundry.. so i'm feeling pretty good about my life right now.
Sleep:  Sleeping at night is rough, I'm constantly waking up because I know i'm most likely sleeping on my back.. whoops. & then right as I fall asleep on my side.. I have to pee.  Naps though are golden.  I take a 3 hour nap & I feel like a new woman.  I love it. Also I totally snore now.
Cravings/Aversions to Eating: Cravings: fruit & syrup on everything. I think its just the warm weather but I just want breakfast & fruit all day long.  Oh & snowcones.  I begged Kevin for a snowcone alllll weekend until he gave in.
Aversions: Anything that gives me heartburn, the list gets longer everyday! Pizza & hamburgers have been out for awhile, anything with onions, garlic or grease. Boo! I miss greasy food haha!
Looking forward to: Our yard! I know this has nothing to do with Benson..but we get our dirt AND our grass this week & i'm so antsy! I've felt good enough to help Kevin in the yard this week & it feels so good to be out in the sunshine working away! 
Random: We sure have a hyper little baby on our hands already.  I guess before being pregnant people were like "Oh I can feel my baby kick!" but I thought they meant like now & then.. Benson basically is always wiggling or kicking.  He's sitting pretty low too so when he kicks I just am assuming he's trying to break free.  We're already so fascinated with him he's our constant late night entertainment.

Our ultrasound this week was scheduled later in the day than normal..usually Benson is all over the ultrasound waving & kicking, but today he was sleeping so we got some great measurements that we weren't able to get last time & got these adorable 3D pics of his face. I'm dying, everytime I look at them it makes me smile.

Cutest baby face ever // His little hands on his face are killing me.