28 weeks pregnancy update

I thought there should at least be one "this is pregnancy" look in my weekly update, when I look cute my photographer (kevin) is unavailable & when I look homely he's available. On a side note, this is my favorite tank top during pregnancy from Shade clothing & these are my favorite capris from the kids section in Target!

Week: 28 weeks (why yes, weeks 26 & 27 did slip by unnoticed..I was probably pantsless the whole time anyways.)
The baby is the size of a: Eggplant!
Gender: BOY! 
Name: Benson Grey Kuhle
Weight: I've gained roughly 30 pounds & feeling it for sure.
Symptoms: My ribs are KILLING me!
Heart burn for real. 3 am heartburn is not my friend.
SWEATING hot...this is going to be a LONG summer. Who wants to go swimming?! If you need me i'll be at the snowcone shack, haha but really it's usually on my list of things to do.
Speaking of summer.. hello swollen feet! I blame the heat..& car shopping for 10 hours, but I literally couldn't put any of my shoes on the other day..& almost lost it.
#TMI: boob leakage for real.
Aches & Pains all over.
Sleep:  Sleeping at night is rough, I'm constantly waking up because I know i'm most likely sleeping on my back.. whoops. & then right as I fall asleep on my side.. I have to pee due to a baby kicking my bladder. & then peeing wakes him up, so he decides to do cartwheels in my womb.  Naps though are golden though, I take a 3 hour nap & I feel like a new woman.  I love it. Also I totally snore now & have been talking crazy nonsense in my sleep.
Cravings/Aversions to Eating: Cravings: Mostly anything cold (#summer) I eat like a box of otter pops a day, eating my body weight in fruit, & caramel popcorn is my constant craving.  Benson already has a sweet tooth I suppose just like his mom.  Its pretty funny that Kevin is on the same eating schedule as me & basically just eats whatever I'm eating so we have some pretty interesting lunch & dinners.
Aversions: I think i'm pretty much over any aversions I had.. I can eat eggs if they are with something else, & I can eat meat, I just tend to order something without meat because i'm loving fruit & salads so much.  I just tend to be more picky at meal time, I want a certain kind of food & I won't stop until I get it so we have been sticking to eating at home until pregnancy ends.
Looking forward to: September? When I was at my last doctors appt. the nurse was like Oh yay! You're almost to the third trimester!  On one hand I was surprised it was already only 3 months left & then on the other hand..I'm like OMG I still have 3 months? Summer JUST started & i'm already dying of heat.  I've resulted to cutting my shirts into tanks & my pants into shorts & if you come over unannounced & I don't answer I'm most likely in my underwear..so sorry not sorry, it gets real sweaty around here.
Also, I can't wait to actually see/hold this baby that is causing all the ruckus in my womb.  He seriously is moving 80% of the time, I think he stops to take a quick nap but anything I do I start feeling him kick or punch.  The other day I'm pretty sure he had the hiccups & my whole belly would shake with each hiccup, both entertaining & nauseating.  I just hope he doesn't think morning really does start at 4 am & night ends at 2 am..because then we're all in trouble.
Random: Can I start by saying.. do NOT call a pregnant woman & tell her something might be wrong with her baby unless you are 125% sure!  Admist all the other stress I had going on..the doctors office forgot to schedule an ultrasound before my doctors appt so I "kindly" convinced them to change it.. which resulted in an ultrasound one day & a doctors appt a few days later.  The day in between I got a call from the nurse who told me that the baby has prenatal hydronephrosis..which basically means enlarged kidneys & that I need to go see a specialist and get a more in depth ultrasound.  Of course I start bawling, I call Kevin, I call my mom, I jump on the internet & read everything about it (even though my doctor has told me many times not to do that) so anyways i'm a wreck & get absolutely NO sleep because how can I sleep?!  The next day I go to my doctors appt. & my sweet doctor is saying how great the baby is doing, he's growing fantastic, everything looks great & i'm like Okay..so um except for those enlarged kidneys I have been worrying about for the last 24 hours? 
Apparently its not his actual kidneys that are enlarged (yet) its the ureters that connect the kidneys to the bladder that are enlarged, so not as extreme & we just have to check on them for the next 2 ultrasounds to make sure that he grows into them before we see a specialist or take any further action. AHHHH! I seriously was SO relieved I almost started bawling right there.  

Can you tell I love our new grass? So long toes, i'll see you in 3 months!

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