Ahoy it's a boy!

My sweet mom & aunt threw me the cutest nautical baby shower & also kindly let me make stuff for my own shower because I just can't be stopped when it comes to party planning.  It all turned out so perfect down to every little detail! Most of the decor around the shower came from the nursery in progress which was cheap & easy!  Having connections to a ginormous flamingo is always an added bonus, because you know I love a life size flamingo.

In my opinion, it's all about the decor & tables, food is always my last thought.  Luckily my mom was on top of the food subject so people got fed. She got a little creative & made the cutest boat out of a Watermelon! I know, I wonder where on earth my party side comes from.

My aunt made these little crab candies (thanks Pinterest!) & they were even cuter in person! Yes, crabs can be cute!

I created little cards for guests to fill out, I'm not really a "sign in book" type of gal & I felt the guessing cards were a little more personal & some of the responses were actually quite hilarious, apparently everyone wants baby boy to get "Kevin's sense of humor"..I don't get it.. Kevin's funny? #joking
I also made a little instruction card for the yarn game we played.  Everyone guesses how big the mama's belly is & wraps their guess on a card! Unfortunetly I completely suck at following through with my games so no one got to see if they won..but the winner was a 5 year old, so everyone probably would have felt bad anyways!

My sweet sweet husband hung up the cutest photo booth ever for me the night before.  And by photo booth I mean we hung a ginormous piece of fabric on the wall & I made my poor mom take all the pictures of me & my guests. I'm not demanding at all!  At least there were props though!

Everyone spoiled baby boy rotten with gifts & I think he definitely wins for "most striped clothes" but he'll rock it.  Kevin was blown away when I got home with our gifts, it's basically like Christmas! But with cute whales & anchors on everything! I also look extremely serious when i'm opening presets or I'm making the AWWW CUTE face..which isn't as flattering as you might think.

As the guests left they got some Swedish fish bags for the go! No party is complete without a little to go bag.

Obviously I had to buy a skirt to match my own party.  Shop & Apparel makes the CUTEST clothes.

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