30 weeks pregnancy update

10 weeks left! This is insane! 
The baby is the size of a: Cucumber
Gender: BOY! 
Name: Benson Grey Kuhle
Weight: 32 pounds gained & feeling it.
Symptoms: Sweating all over the place.
More heartburn. An otterpop gave me heartburn..for real?!
Swollen! Mostly my feet, but I can feel my fingers getting it too.
Exhausted..haha read on, you'll see why.
Leaking gallons of milk..TMI, I know but it's been fun haha at least i'm ready?
Sore! Thank goodness I bought that pregnancy belt because I sure have put it to the test, my belly is so heavy..I know it will get more heavy!
Sleep:  Sleeping is pretty much nonexistent.  I take loooong naps though! I am SO tired all the time, so an afternoon nap is non negotiable. Nights I float in and out of sleep with a stack of pregnancy books by my side just in case I can't sleep. 
Cravings/Aversions to Eating: Cravings: Cold & easy foods! I basically live off of all the fruits & otter pops..and maybe a small amount of caffine..#third trimester.
Aversions: Everything pretty much gives me heartburn so I've tried avoiding a lot of food..but its too hard. I just take medicine with every meal! Oh and I hate yogurt right now. Weird.
Looking forward to: 2 months from now!! Haha but really time is actually kind of flying by! 
Random: For the 4th of July we ate lots of yummy food, shopped all the sales, & watched fireworks! Note: if I am pregnant for the 4th again..bring a chair. ;) What was most fun was feeling the baby kick and wiggle all throughout the fireworks! I'm sure he was terrified but we just thought he was trying to be festive! 
The whole time we were waiting for fireworks we just thought how fun next year will be when Benson is 10 months old! I really can't wait until he is here so the real fun can begin. 

The last few weeks have been major busy, Kevin got surgery on his deviated septum (Septoplasty) which is probably hilarious to watch this 7 months pregnant lady taking care of a dude with gauze taped to his nose. We barely survived & then when I just thought Kevin was healed all up he got horrible nosebleeds..like buckets of blood over 7 hours in the middle of the night..so at 5 am I drug his booty to the ER.  They were trying to stop the bleeding & all of the sudden Kevin just blacks out & starts shaking on the bed for a good 10 minutes.  (Can you say WORST DAY EVER?) I was trying to keep my cool while it was happening..but as soon as he woke up and was coherent I went in the hallway & just lost it. Complete blubbering mess. After he came to he was barfing forever, they gave him an IV & some meds & sent us home with his nose packed full of cotton & a sore beat up face.  Apparently he just had some freak accidental blood clot that caused all of this..which totally doesn't help me sleep at night. I wake up every couple hours & just stare at him to make sure he's breathing!

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  1. I totally feel you on being the pregnant caregiver! haha Hope you don't have anymore scares! And random side note... I love that dress :)