32 weeks pregnancy update

The baby is the size of a: Pineapple!
Gender: BOY! 
Name: Benson Grey Kuhle
Weight: I'm right on track with my bump..32 pounds for 32 weeks! 
Symptoms: Either I've just gotten used to all of my symptoms or this last week was really not that bad.  Obviously I sweat every time I even think about going outside, but other than that & the occasional ache & pain I've felt pretty great.  I definitely feel like i'm going to pop though, I've been asked a few times if I'm due any day now..which just makes me feel more pregnant but I'm seriously hoping that Benson gets the hint & comes a few weeks early because we're both running out of room up in here.
Sleep:  You know, its amazing how much you crave sleep when you are running on no sleep!  I was having trouble sleeping the last few weeks but then with all the craziness of my life I've been sleeping like a baby, a baby who gets up to pee 3 times a night, but still a baby!
Cravings/Aversions to Eating: Cravings: I just want all the food, I have such an appetite & I'm loving food. Also, I may have just given up on making healthier choices..you only live once right?
Aversions: Yogurt is the only thing I don't care for. Oh and lettuce.. but really who needs lettuce.
Looking forward to: My maternity pictures are next week, then we have part two of breastfeeding class, and our birthing classes & then before you know it we'll be bringing home a baby! Because that's how it works right, you just go..& then you come home with a baby? Good thing we're taking birthing classes. ;)
Random: I've made a list of things I want to remember about this part of my pregnancy, because I hear you forget all about it once they actually come.
-They say the baby can hear everything going on & I totally believe them now.  Anytime there is music playing I can feel Benson wiggling around or you know dancing, because it totally feels like he's dancing.
-Really though he's usually moving constantly all day & night in my belly.  They always ask me at the doctor "Are you feeling movements?" & I always laugh really loud because I really believe he doesn't stop moving..even at 3 am when I'm supposed to be sleeping.
-The other night we were watching TV laying on the couch & Kevin had his hand on my belly & we both are pretty sure we felt Benson TAPPING the inside of my belly, just a faint little "Hey guys, I'm bored" tapping. Adorable & also slightly eerie.
-Hiccups are a pretty regular occurrence around here.
-Sometimes his kicks & what I call "pushes" because it feels like he is just pushing as hard as he can on my side seeing if he can break out, are so intense it scares me & I feel like he actually broke free.  Especially at night I always flip on the light and check my belly because it's so intense.
-The closer the deadline gets to baby time, the more cuddly our kitties become, which might seem silly but neither of our kitties are "cuddlers".  I feel like they know something is about to go down around here & they better get some snuggles in while they still can.  Even though I feel like their hearts are just going to melt when we bring Benson home.
-Also though, Benson might not be as big a fan of them as they are of him, because they are constantly sitting on him or laying against him & he straight up just punches them in the head or kicks until they move..so at least he can hold his own already.

We did have an ultrasound today & baby is officially turned and ready to go & apparently I have a really short cervix (ha kind of fits with all the rest of my short body eh?) so my doctor said as long as he keeps cookin 3 more weeks we're good but he wouldn't be surprised if he is here in 5 weeks! 5 weeks?! I just got so excited!  He has a big head, chubby cheeks, & is a whopping 5 pounds right now! I can't believe all the things they can tell you before your baby is even born! His little ultrasound pictures are just killing me, I really want him out so I can squish his cheeks already & watch him suck his thumb!  It's going to be a really long month I can tell already.

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