Pregnancy Reality.

Before I got pregnant I had this perfect vision of what pregnancy was going to be like & although I was scared of actually being pregnant I thought it really can't be that bad & people must just be exaggerating. I thought I would be able to work out the entire time I was pregnant, hell I thought I would just be able to work while being pregnant, I wouldn't drink any caffeine or eat any processed foods & for sure I would never eat a piece of sushi pregnant.
And then I got pregnant & basically nothing went the way I planned or thought it would be.

-I drink my fair share of caffeine.
-I eat whatever comes to my mind that day & most days its potato chips, not even going to lie..I tried for a few minutes to eat healthy..but lettuce & yogurt make me queasy so it just wasn't meant to be.
-Also it isn't my fault my baby wants to eat KFC all the time, he just knows what good food really is.
-I forgot to take my prenatal pills for an entire week. #sorrynotsorry those things are disgusting.
-I've eaten sushi plenty & this baby loved it.
-Due to my placenta being torn I was unable to work out..or walk really at all, but to be honest after I was halfway working out sounded awful with this bowling ball belly.
-I've gained over 30 pounds so far & still have a month to go.  The whole weight thing drives me crazy anyways, if someone is NOT tell them how little weight you gained while you were pregnant unless you straight up want to be strangled.
-Speaking of the placenta deal..choosing to quit rather than working with the chance of losing the baby was an easy decision, but I miss working & have social interactions other than with cats all day.
-& you would think because i'm at home..that my house is clean & the dishes are done.. HAHA no.
-The nursery I wanted done months finally getting some much needed attention..
-I rarely wear makeup or even acceptable "clothing" because a. I see two cats & my husband most days. & b. NOTHING FITS.
-every morning I wake up & think there is no way my poor belly can stretch anymore.  I always imagined I'd have one of those cute baby bumps & be able to walk around in a two piece & just be cute & pregnant. umm my belly button makes me want to vomit & my belly overall is radiating light it is so white.
-Cankles. Enough said.

I can't complain though, my pregnancy really wasn't as rough as I've heard others were, but I still love that old lady that says "Oh I just LOVED being pregnant.." & I just kind of think she has amnesia because although I'll probably miss feeling my baby kick & squirm around but I don't think I'll necessarily ever look back on pregnancy as something I "loved" doing, especially these freaking cankles man, they are rough.  For sure my next baby is not being born at the end of summer, I don't know whose idea that was (it was mine).

Less than 40 days though, I got this.

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  1. Ha ha ha..very well related!!!! I DID work I did eat whatever sounded good; no nausea issues..I only like one of ALL my preggo pics...the rest I look like a big bloated pretty, soft or ANY traces of that attractive glow people speak of..3 out of 5 babies were summer babies. That was great when I lived in a resort trailer park with a was awful when I didnt!!I walked around my last 4 pregnancies dialed to 4 the last month and my vericose veins in my left back thigh remind me of my body rebelling to the added weight..I did did 20 pounds usually with each pregnancy; funny enough my largest 8pound,4 oz I gained 16 pounds and fit back in my clothes quite quickly. My remedy for the little extra skin on my tummy was being pregnant every 6 months after delivery!!! Lol...Happened with 4 put of 5 kids!!!I laugh to think my 3rd baby came as I just visited my brand new neice born on Grandma Rumberger ' s birthday, December 15th..I went home and told Mark I wanted another baby; my youngest was 13 months old and oldest was 2 years, 4 months old. 9 months, 1 day later, she was born!!! That was fast!!!!!! I enjoyed my pregnancies!!! I ran.. even when it was more a waddling, I loved to swim.I should have had a blog!!!!! You are honestly an inspiration!!!! 40 days, you DO have this!!!!