34 weeks pregnancy update

The baby is the size of a: Butternut Squash!
Gender: BOY! 
Name: Benson Grey Kuhle
Weight: 35 pounds! All my 3 pounds from these last two weeks has GOT to be in ice cream I swear.
Symptoms: Probably the most noticeable is my humongous swollen hands and ankles! They are SO bad I end every night with soaking them and going to bed with my feet in the air..& yes I drink water & try not to eat salt..but they are huge anyways.
Heartburn forever.  I literally threw up in my mouth the other day because my heartburn was so bad. This has got to be what i'm most excited to be done with.  I feel like every thing gives me heart burn now.
Restless Legs! Oh my gosh this is the worst, I can never quite relax because my legs start freaking out..speaking of my legs almost every morning I get a giant charlie horse cramp in my leg & poor Kevin has to help me get rid of it because I can't reach my toes & I just lay there screaming haha
Oh my belly button finally closed shut & "popped" so it's not as disgusting, hallelujah because I was about to put a sticker on my belly until I gave birth.
I've gotten a HUGE surge of energy this past week, which I'm grateful for, but i'm sure Kevin wishes I was sleeping all day.  I just want to organize & build all the things!
Sleep:  Sleeping..is so rough. I feel like I get a few hours of amazing sleep but between peeing every 2 hours, my mind being on constant crazy lady, and cramps/restless legs I would much rather take a little nap in the day time.  So I force Kevin to stay up as late as possible with me so i'm not bored haha
Cravings/Aversions to Eating: Anything cold & ready to eat, my needs are basic now.  I eat a snow cone every time we pass a snow cone place, we have tubs and tubs of ice cream, we go through a box of otter pops like no ones business.  I have however noticed that all of the sudden I have the urge to make real food that may or may not be considered somewhat healthy? Maybe that's my bodies way of telling me to lay off the potato chips..
Looking forward to: This past week we busted our buns and tried to finish as much as possible for the nursery and buying all of the last minute things!  The UPS guy has got to be sick of delivering boxes to our house, the other day we have 7 boxes on our door step at the same time..#allthebabystuff but I am having way too much fun decorating his room and putting everything together! 
My nesting is on some kind of super high though because while decorating his room, I decided to also move my craft room/office into Kevin's office & make my office a guest bedroom/playroom..so basically that means our whole house is getting a makeover until this baby gets here. Maybe I'm just trying to keep myself (really though, Kevin) extremely busy so that August flys right on by!  It could also be that i'm just insane.
Random: Here are the latest moments I don't want to forget:
-He gets the hiccups about twice a day now and usually one of them is in the middle of the night. SO CUTE.
-The more crammed he gets in there, the more I can feel every little tiny finger and elbow jam me, sometimes I can feel him move his hand across my belly..and while I almost hurl every time it is pretty cute to think about his little hands and feet wiggling around.
- I've been going swimming a few times a week to basically stay alive and I LOVE feeling him kick and wiggle when i'm in the pool.  Here's to me hoping this boy loves the water as much as his parents do! 
- I can tell that Benson recognizes Kevin's voice because whenever Kevin is around talking, Benson is moving like a maniac & usually that's when I'm in the most pain..  He must be trying to listen better or they are already conspiring against me.
- I have had my fair share of contractions the past few days (probably because I never stop moving) & I also feel like Benson is just trying to figure out how to break his way out, it literally feels like he is punching me in the cervix all the time.  You can come out any time you want little guy! 

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