36 weeks pregnancy update

The baby is the size of a: Honeydew Melon
Gender: BOY! 
Name: Benson Grey Kuhle
Weight: 40ish pounds. All baby, not ice cream & cupcakes. ;)
Symptoms: I feel like all the symptoms are coming full circle & crossing my fingers that means baby comes out soon, I've read a little on laboring symptoms & I have almost every single one, of course.
Swollen is an understatement.  Mostly my ankles & fingers, but I can feel the rest of my body slowly starting to swell more and more.
Back Pain- I consider myself soo lucky that I haven't had more back pain, but now that he is basically hanging out of my pelvis my back is starting to kill trying to carry this belly around.
Random Pain- Probably my favorite.. just walking & then all of the sudden I can't walk? Like my bones have given up on my fat body haha the best was when I was at the mall & it happened so I just hobbled out to my car. 
Exhausted- I can't survive a whole entire day if I don't take a nap now.  I think Kevin is a little grateful that my huge energy surge has subsided.  Now he has way less projects to complete.
HEARTBURN though, really heartburn. Like if I even lay down I die. This kid better have the most beautiful hair because I can't wait to be done with freakin heartburn! 
Sleep: Sleep is little to nonexistent right now, so I depend on naps to get my through the day.  I'm pretty much a walking zombie because i'm so exhausted but can never get amazing sleep, its rough.
Cravings/Aversions to Eating: Maybe my body is trying to make me be healthy or something but I've been extra good about making breakfast, lunch & dinner for the past week.  It's been really weird & who knows how long it will even last.  I feel like I can't eat much, but the stuff that I can eat I just want to eat all of it.  I've had quite the appetite lately.  Someone said to me, "Oh it's such a shame you can't eat big meals when you're pregnant.." & I looked down at my plate & thought..Oh I wonder when that starts? I'm constantly hungry & eat just as much food as Kevin does hahaha so eating is not a problem for me! Also..give me all the ice cream because I want it 24/7 right now.  Oh and cinnamon rolls randomly.

Looking forward to: Holding my fresh new baby! We just took our Birthing Class and hearing everyone talk about how worth it it is after just going through labor and delivery got me a little less nervous for the whole labor process and way more excited for afterwards.  I feel a lot more at ease after taking the birthing class, I was so scared of all the unknown answers and the what if questions that were circling my head.  I mean you can only read so many blogs & pin so much on Pinterest before you start to worry a little with all of the horror stories.  So at this moment I feel as prepared as I can & anxious for the whole process to be over and hold my sweet baby.
I'm also super excited to watch Kevin become a father.  He's been reading this "survival guide" book we bought him and telling me all the random tid bits from it and sometimes I just burst into tears thinking about how cute they are going to be together.  I was a little bit upset about not having a girl, but the more I think about them being little buddies the happier I am that we are having a boy.  They already have way too many matching outfits & Kevin has big plans for their adventures together.  My heart will probably explode seeing Kevin hold him for the first time. 
-The closer we get the stronger the kicks and punches get inside of me.  This baby has some strong little arms & legs.  He gets really upset when I sit down & is over giant kitties sitting on top of him.  I think he's just feelin around until he figures out how to fall out or how to break my water!  He is extra extra low right now making it hard to walk and impossible to bend over any longer. Oh shucks. ;)
-Kevin has been working extra hard to try and get all of my crazy projects done around the house before the baby arrives.  We're 99% done with the nursery which I'm so excited about! I just go sit in there all the time because it's so relaxing! We successfully combined our offices and we're slowly working on the playroom/guest room! Then at the last second we decided to make a bed frame & headboard because obviously we deal with stress by distracting ourselves with a million projects haha
-Oh & I can no longer drive because my belly is so big & it kills.  I feel like such a old person right now haha! & i'm going stir crazy, i'm such a busy body.  No wonder our house feels so clean suddenly?
-Every night we just lay in bed watching what looks like a tiny dinosaur trying to break free.  I love how already he is the center of our attention.

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