Happy happy four years.

Today we've been married for FOUR entire years! We were such babies! On our wedding day I thought that was the hottest day of my life, little did I know that 4 years later I would be 8 months pregnant & sweaty like that EVERYDAY! haha! I feel like in four years we've already been through so much and at the same time we have so much ahead of us as we enter into parenthood.  I'm so excited to begin this adventure with Kevin & see him become a father.  And of course i'm just bawling writing this..so moving on.

When we got pregnant I was so excited to go on a babymoon for our anniversary & then August came and I decided it's way too hot and i'm too uncomfortable to even think about going on a babymoon so we decided to celebrate our anniversary a few weeks early so we could celebrate at all.  Our entire day revolved around water, because well you know. #pregnancy

We spent the morning swimming & this as happy as a pregnant lady gets in the middle of summer. I try to go as often as I can because it feels amazing.  Lately when I go the baby is just kicking away, hopefully that is a sign that he will like water as much as his parents do! Also we ate OREO CHURROS so we both left happy.

We hit up the aquarium to stick to our water theme. It was adorable. We got to see baby penguins (kill me they are so cute!) and a family of Otters and probably spent way too long watching them waddle around and play together.

One of our first dates we went on was to Buca Di Beppo & it still is one of my favorite restaurants to eat at.  Everytime we go the memories just come flooding in & they have delicious cheesecake so basically its heaven.  Definitely worth all the heartburn that came later on that night.  We also went to World Market because we're addicted & it was down the road.  We both had to talk each other out of buying very expensive purchases & still left with a bag full.  True love folks, true love.

Obviously we had to end the night with some ice cream & tv in bed because afterall we are about to be parents..& i'd say we're pretty ready.

Happy happy four years.

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  1. You are, indeed, the Lovely Kuhles!! ADORABLE and about to become that awesome 3 some!!!!!!