Maternity Pictures

In January I found out I was pregnant & then 3 days later I found out I had won a free photo shoot with The Minted Company! Can anyone say fate? Excited doesn't even begin to cover how I felt, I just started jumping up & down I couldn't hold it in.  2 weeks later was when we thought we had miscarried. Talk about a roller coaster.. so we scheduled the photo shoot for August hoping that we would still have a Maternity Shoot to take pictures for.

Pregnancy hasn't been the easiest, it hasn't been the most flattering at times, it has been a huge roller coaster of emotions,  in the end all 9 months of ups and downs and tears and stretch marks will be completely earned and worth it.  I'll always have these gorgeous pictures to remember one evening when we went up the beautiful canyon and found a field of wildflowers to dance in & take pictures. Might I add that the canyon was so cold that Kevin was shivering & I felt amazing, like this is how summer should have felt this whole dang time.

I absolutely love The Minted Company & the beautiful pictures that she takes.  They always tell a story and I think she captured our story perfectly.  We are so close to the end and anxious to hold our sweet baby boy (& take his newborn pictures with Jenn because look how gorgeous they are!)

Brace yourself for a picture overload: I couldn't contain myself.

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  1. O-M-G these pictures are to DIE FOR! & super cute blog! SO glad I found you!! ;)

    Sabrina Marie