38 weeks pregnancy update

The baby is the size of a: Pumpkin!
Gender: BOY! 
Name: Benson Grey Kuhle
Weight: 45 pounds baby! 45 pounds!
HEARTBURN though. I'm so over it, I'm so so so excited to simply eat a piece of bread without dying instantly. All I do is dream about eating foods I've avoided for so long. Like a giant juicy burger. mmmm. oh & a margarita obviously. ;)
Headaches- The last week I've had the worst headaches, which I was hoping was a sign of going into labor, but apparently not.  I'm sure it's the lack of sleep, elevated stress & maybe all my energy being gone.
Exhausted- Is there a stronger word than exhausted? Because I fold a load of laundry & gotta take a nap these days.
Swollen- ohh sooo swollen though. I think every day I blow up a little bit more, its so pretty.  My ankles are so bad I can barely walk & can barely feel them.  Love it!  Kevin has straight up stepped on my entire foot and I didn't even notice because I can't feel them haha it's so sad!
Also, I thought my belly was heavy before but I legit feel like i'm carrying a bowling ball around now.  I love hearing my doctor say, "OH wow! He's sooo low & ready to go!" ..Oh I hadn't noticed..hahaha but really walking is getting a bit rough.
Sleep: Non-existent. I love the two-ish hours I get a night & my five hour naps are golden.  I'm basically a walking zombie until he comes!
Cravings/Aversions to Eating: I actually laughed when I saw that he was the size of a pumpkin this week because alllllll week long I've eaten all the pumpkin things.  Maybe this baby likes pumpkin, or maybe it's just the first week of September & I no longer know how to avoid temptations because I just grab all the pumpkin things without even thinking about it.  
At this point I'm just game for whatever Kevin makes for me, otherwise I grab the easiest most convenient thing to eat.  I've officially given up on "making food" & resorted to apples and bagels.
Looking forward to: Besides the obvious..getting this sweet baby out of my pelvis..
We are getting so anxious to meet him! We're completely ready for him, the nursery is DONE! Bags are packed and ready to go. We even installed the carseats, yes car-seats because I scored two careseats for the price of one (huzzah!) So everyday I just create more things in my head that we need to do before he comes, because when I'm stressed out I just fill my life with more craziness. ;)

I'm also really looking forward to wearing actual clothes again.  I have about 4 outfits that fit me so most of my days I spend wearing little to no clothes because why even bother?  The fall-ish weather is absolutely killing me because all of my cute fall clothes are just hanging there all sad every morning.

In an attempt to hurry this "baby getting out of my belly" process along I've decided to hell with the whole "just relax until the baby comes"..no matter the bags under my eyes or the ginormous cankles or even the waddle I've resorted to.  So I decided to go to #alisonscabanaboogie and dance this baby out, which obviously didn't work & I woke up the next day barely able to walk but it was completely worth it!  Dancing to Backstreet Boys with 600 other ladies was exactly what I needed.

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