Home Sweet Home

Our hospital stay was short lived thank goodness.  My C Section was totally rocking my world, but after two days in that hospital bed I was determined to go home and lay in a real bed with my little family.  The nurse told me that after I was able to get up and walk around and take a shower we could start the checking out process, so I pretty much lept out of my hospital bed and ran (hobbled) into the shower.  
In some ways I was so surprised at how much I hurt from having a C Section & in some ways I was surprised that I was able to walk and take a shower so soon (thank you drugs.)  The entire having a baby process really brought Kevin & I so much closer together.  Not only going through the trauma of getting Benson here, but everything that followed.  Without going into too much detail about the whole healing process I've just gotta say that I would not have been able to get up and get going so quickly without Kevin's gracious help.  I might have been onery and cried about every little thing but he really stepped it up and helped me in every way possible.
I'm so thankful to everyone who came & visited us while we were in the hospital, it helped the time fly by and made me feel like a normal person who wasn't constantly watching the clock to go home.  Oh and Benson totally appreciated it, he was definitely not asleep in all of his visits. ;)

Our friends Jesse & Rachel had their baby girl the day after us & were right across the hall from us! We totally had to get a picture of the two proud daddys.

Once we got home with our baby, we introduced him to the kitty cat brothers (who looked him over for two seconds before begging to go outside & play) and all took a giant family nap in our comfy bed.

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