One Month

Life is seriously so unfair. I wait 9 long sweaty months to have this little baby and then he just grows & basically holds his head up by himself & just outgrew like 4 outfits. Cue the tears!  This first month just flew by!  My little man looks nothing like he did when we brought him home from the hospital! I mean..he's grown another chin and some very delicious cheeks but still!  He is a pretty happy baby, unless he's hungry or has a wet diaper or is sleepy. haha! but really he's a pretty content little baby.  He has his momma's nose & his daddy's toes & nearly everyone says he looks just like his daddy.  He has to have his hands and feet free to move around & he loves to rub his toes on anything near him.  He already is sick of kisses but he's too soft and squishy to resist. We adore him!

A few stats about Benson
Age: One Month
Weight: 9.5 lbs
Height: 21.5 in.
-EATING. This little guy would eat all day & night if I let him.  He's has accomplished a double chin & has some pretty puffy cheeks going on, which get kissed probably way too much.
-Cuddling & Sitting. He loooves to cuddle especially at night but he also really loves sitting up and just chatting or gazing around the room. His big eyes are so dreamy.
-Bathtime. Nothing calms this baby down more than a nice bath & lotioning up! He just melts in your arms I love it!
This is probably our favorite face that he makes!
-Naps! The first two weeks he slept like an angel & now he's decided napping is soo two weeks ago. We're working on it though..the upside is he sleeps so so so good at night. He usually only wakes up once to feed and falls right back asleep. So we're pretty happy parents!
-Clothes.  He gets soo upset when you start getting him dressed. He would be such a happy camper if he could be naked all day long & there have been a few days that I've let it slide..shhh.
-Binkies & Bottles. Pretty much if isn't a boob with milk in it..he wants nothing to do with it.  Its been rough trying to leave him a few times but he's slowly getting better.  At least he'll drink from the bottle..even if he's just screaming at it the whole time. Poor little boobie man.

Big moments:
2 weeks: His sad little belly button plug fell out..& was not missed at all. I kiss his belly pretty much every time I see it now!
2.5 weeks: Benson started cooing & OH MY GOODNESS it's the cutest thing of my life.  He mostly does it when he thinks nobody is around & it just warms my heart everytime.
3 weeks: He's been very observant from day one, but we started noticing him watching us more and more as he's grown.  He loves eye contact & just chatting/listening to his parents!
4 weeks: He can pretty much hold his chubby neck up by himself! He tries so hard everyday its so cute!

First Outing: Target, of course. It was a horrible experience however that ended in tears all around!  We've not mastered the whole "going out" thing but we're rolling with it & if we're lucky he falls asleep!

Other: We went up the canyon the other night & his eyes were ginormous as we were walking around under the big trees & bright stars. He was just loving the view. I love watching him just soak up everything already.

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