Two weeks of bliss.

I honestly can't even tell you where the time has gone for the past two weeks! All the days are blurred together from when we left the hospital until now, maybe that's what sleep deprivation feels like.  To sum it up we just sat on our bed staring in aw of our perfect little baby boy & pointing out all of his cute little quirks and tiny features for two entire weeks.  I feel as if we've waited a lifetime for this little boy and maybe we do need a reality check from cloud 9 but parenthood has just fit perfectly into our lives.
Sure there are plenty of sleepless nights, the dishes and laundry are piled up, and we're covered in pee but I can't imagine life without Benson now.  He is all we talk, think and breathe now.  I love that he wants to be held all day long and sleeping with him on my chest just feels perfect every night.

At our one week appointment Benson weighed 7 lbs 11 oz, he had gained all 8 oz back in one week!
If there is one thing this little guy has got down it is eating! He absolutely loves nursing and constantly is trying to eat Kevin's boobs & then screams at them for their lack of milk. I'm so relieved he loves nursing so much and I love being able to bond with him while he nurses.

At our two week appointment Benson weighed 8 lbs 6 oz, he gained another 7 oz in one week! He is such a little chunker, I can just feel his newborn clothes slipping away as I sob! He also got the little snip snip at the doctor..which was horrifying & I immediately regretted doing as I heard him screaming in the other room.  Moms should NOT be allowed to go to the two week visit.. but because he was so sad he required lots of nursing and lots and lots of cuddles with his mommy, which I don't mind one bit.

When I look at my two week old baby I already think he is SOOO much bigger than when we brought him home from the hospital! I just want to soak up every moment and remember every tiny little thing he does.

The love this little boy has for his hands.  His hands have to be free or he isn't happy.  He sleeps with his hands by his ears and randomly throws his hands in the air like he's saying Hallelujah!

He hasn't quite figured out the whole thumb sucking charade but he does put his thumb and pointer finger in together and try to suck them when he's upset & refuses a binky.

The way he rubs his little feet on everything, he's always stretching out his little legs as far as he can.

His little hiccups are so cute & so sad all at the same time.  He got the hiccups all the time in my belly & still gets them at least twice a day. Poor guy.

I love love love when he's super hangry how he snorts like a little piggy while he searches for a boob.

His gas smiles & laughs are my favorite.  We pretty much watch him all day just to see one smile.

He LOVES to be nakey.  He must have been born sweaty hot like his momma because he loves nothing more than to lay naked on our bed with our ceiling fan on him. He also fights the whole time we put clothes on him so at night he's just a little naked baby.

Just like his daddy Benson has the cutest snore.  In fact when Kevin & Benson are sleeping together..they are identical. Same face, same snore, same open mouth. Being super emotional I always start crying when they are sleeping together.

Speaking of sleeping, Benson's favorite place to sleep is curled up like a ball on our chests.  We're too attached to him to make him sleep in a crib two feet away from us..& I kind of love that he demands to sleep on me every night.

His after nursing lips are another favorite.  He always puckers his little lips together and just stares all milk drunk at us with his sweet eyes.

We love when he is alert and happy.  He is such a good sleeper but its those moments when he's just looking at us that we live for.

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