Hello Fall.

This year fall has been so enjoyable with the amazing weather and a new little baby to tote around we've been taking full advantage of all the fall fun even if our little babe is asleep throughout most of it.
We just happen to live right next to a pumpkin patch & occasionally they have delicious donuts to eat so one day we took a little family stroll over to eat donuts & walk around while Benson snoozed the entire time.  This was also the first time we tested out the trusty old stroller, which clearly works magic.
We also dressed our baby up like a Charlie Brown Pumpkin & took him to the Pumpkin Parade to look at painted pumpkins.  He was loving all the lights and noise.

Kevin's brother & his family came to visit for a few days & we had so much fun hanging out with them while they were here! We got to meet Miss Harper for the first time & run around with Beckham!  He especially liked Kevin (like ALL children do, it's a curse really ;) & they ran all over being little buddies.  Warmed my heart to see what he will be like with Benson in a couple years.  DAD material right there.

Halloween is my favorite holiday for sure, but amidst all the chaos of having a baby & never being able to put that baby down for very long it sort of fell to the wayside this year.  I went all out decorating our house but our costumes were very low key this year.  I found the perfect little bear costume for Benson (he hated it) & he was just so fuzzy and squishy in it!  The idea was that we were Goldilocks & the 4 bears..but two of my bears were not cooperating (hint hint: they are already furry.) so 2 bears had to do.  We went & hung out with Grandma for Halloween & she ALMOST got Benson to smile!  They chatted forever! So adorable.
Flamingo witches!

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