Two Months

I can't believe how much a baby changes in just two short months!  He is so active & is constantly making all sorts of noises & SMILING!  Oh his little smile just warms our hearts!  We now know he sort of like us!  He gets bigger and changes every single day & we just love him to pieces.

A few stats about Benson
Age: Two Months
Weight: 10.14 lbs
Height: 23.25 inches
-Reading books with his daddy every night.
-His playmat! He lets out the biggest squeals when he is on his playmat (& I love the extra 5 minutes!)
-The sound of the dryer!  I got an app on my phone that sounds like a dryer.. it is the only thing that makes him stop screaming in his carseat, so far its worked every time!
-Being naked & taking baths.

-Hates his carseat!
-Winter..& being cold.
-Getting his shots!!! (insert all the tear emojis, from both Benson & Mom)
-Taking naps.  Still boycotting naps..but sometimes he gets tricked into them, at least he sleeps at nighttime!

Big Moments:
Oct 31st- First Halloween!
Nov 1st- First smile/laugh!  He hasn't stopped laughing since!  He loves when we say goo, Henry meows, or when we play with his hands.  His little laugh is so sweet & he gives us the biggest smiles first thing in the morning!
Nov 14th- Discovered his hands!  He's started watching his hands as he moves them & now constantly has his hands in his mouth!  I have a feeling this guy is going to be a little thumb sucker for sure but..its just too cute watching him try.

He's perfected his pouty face already & it's already working on his parents.

Benson & dad both got colds a few weeks ago & now they are BFFs after a day of cuddling and being sad together.  He LOVES talking to his dad all day & gives him the biggest smiles!

When you click your tongue a whole bunch if he concentrates reaaaaally hard he will click his tongue back, he is pretty tricky already!

Henry is really starting to warm up to Benson.  Every now & then he'll come and give him a quick nuzzle on the head & when Benson's arms are up in the air he just assumes Benson wants to pet him so he'll run over and rub his face on his hand.  BE STILL MY HEART!  Besties in the making.

This little guy has stolen our hearts!

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