Three Months

We are loving this stage of life right now! Benson is such a happy little baby & just smiles and smiles all day long.  He's given us a few good laughs & is pretty chill as long as he's fed, but you miss those feedings man.. he definitely has a temper (#hangry).  We're already starting to see his little personality & his facial expressions kill us sometimes.  He is completely the center of our universe right now, even the cat is obsessed with him haha! We just can't get enough of him.

A few stats about Benson
Age: Three Months
Weight: 13.2 lbs
Height: 24 inches
-Benson loves music! Specifically Justin Bieber, Can't feel my face & Christmas music!
-Daddy. Oh boy does he love his daddy. They just talk to each other all day long & sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Makes my momma heart burst into tears every time.  He gets so excited to see dad when he gets home & daddy can make him laugh so much!
-He LOVES watching TV.  I went with my family to see The Peanuts movie & he watched the entire movie with us! He also loves watching Garfield & was cracking up to Elf.
-Snuggling with mom & waking up in the morning! He is such a little morning baby, he just smiles all morning long.

- Being hungry for more than 30 seconds.. I know, i'm so dang slow little guy.
- Napping! We've been working on sleep training him & it's going pretty well for the most part..some days he just refuses to take a nap so we just roll with it.
-The car seat though, it's the worst.

Big Moments:
Nov 26- First Thanksgiving
Nov 28- First movie: The Peanuts Movie
Dec 10- Found his toes! He's always lays down holding his toes in the air now, its too cute.

-For SURE he is a boy.. he giggles when you make fart noises & loves the word poop..
-Lately Benson always has his hands clasped together.  I've probably taken 400 pictures of him doing this, but it just kills me everytime I see it! I think it makes him look like an angel baby, cause he is.

-Sometimes at night I catch Henry (kitty) cuddled up next to Benson in our bed under the sheets! haha! I knew he loved him! & then I burst into tears because it's so cute!
-It is soo cute how Benson tries to imitate our sounds & facial expressions.  He's started spitting, blowing bubbles, and always licks anything that comes near his mouth.
-When he gets tired he just starts rambling off nonsense & loves to try and chat with me while he's eating. It's pretty adorable how much he loves to blabber.

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